pipeclay in English

a fine white clay, used especially for making tobacco pipes or for whitening leather.
Neither pipeclay nor blanco reacted well to rain, and many men who fought at Waterloo, where it rained heavily the night before the battle, had uniforms streaked with pipeclay .
whiten (leather) with pipeclay.
The infantryman carried a substantial ammunition pouch, bayonet, water-bottle, and ‘snapsack’ for a day's rations suspended from broad cross-belts, usually made of buff leather and pipeclayed to inconvenient whiteness.

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1. Synonyms for Argillaceous earth include clay, earth, adobe, argil, kaolin, bole, catlinite, gault, pipeclay and pipestone

2. Acidulate months of the year price-list undisguised Categories (X Labels) in First Column inhale annoyed, vexed, upset visual indicator lag pipeclay maize to think a great deal/too much/quite a lot of oneself; (fam.) to think no small beer of oneself; (fam.) to think oneself no small potatoes