hummel in English


without awns (i.e. hummel barley); having no horns (i.e.: hummel cow)

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4. You're lucky that old man Hummel wants you alive.

5. General Hummel, you' ve gotta get us outta here now!

6. Conformism, Non-Conformism and Anti-Conformism in the Culture of the United States (European Views of the United States) [Hummel, Carsten, Hummel, Carsten, Mackenthun, Gesa, Tsimpouki, Theodora, Patsala, Paschalia, Balasopoulos, Antonis] on

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9. Kurt Hummel, one of the show’s leading characters and one of the first openly gay characters on TV, has a Biphobic rant during one episode.

10. San Jose State economics professor Jeffrey Rogers Hummel tells all his students that the easiest way to understand the Federal Reserve is to think of it as a giant, legalized Counterfeiter