encounter|encounters in English


[en·coun·ter || ɪn'kaʊntə]

chance meeting

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1. Participation in such an encounter or encounters: wounds received in Battle. 3

2. Holloman was the supposed site of a famous UFO encounter, the one that Close Encounters was based on.

3. These claimed encounters are often described as ongoing, but some Contactees claim to have had as few as a single encounter.

4. Close Encounters

5. Individuals with paraplegia had higher fitness, mobility, and environmental barrier encounter rates and lower avoidance per encounter rates vs tetraplegia (all P≤.05).For individuals with tetraplegia only, as mobility and fitness increased, frequencies of (1) encounters increased; (2) Avoidances per encounter decreased, in multiple EAMQ domains (all P≤.05).

6. Twenty Chillingly Creepy Encounters

7. Leal (eds.), Encounters, Excavations and Argosies…

8. Welcome to Twenty Chillingly Creepy Encounters.

9. One encounters a comparatively congenial Schoenberg here.

10. Big Men, Little People: Encounters in Africa.

11. Organic farming frequently encounters such philosophical problems.

12. Accoutre ~ sounds like encounter.

13. encounter their first problem.

14. Our encounters are generally feisty affairs too.

15. Often, elders encounter prejudice.

16. An Encounter Yields Fruitage

17. Shaman and Chieftain now found in Nomad encounters.

18. In a roost in coastal Mexico, however, 90% of Anhinga agonistic encounters involved conspecifics, and Anhingas generally were less often involved in aggression than were other species in the same colony (0.12 encounter/bird-h for Anhingas, …

19. What trouble did you encounter?

20. I have had encounters with those people, yes.

21. 21 Shaman and Chieftain now found in Nomad encounters.

22. Encounter God at Crossroads Church

23. We won't encounter any guns?

24. Swan Neck and Boutonnieres deformity are common clinical encounters

25. Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun