pioneering in English

involving new ideas or methods.
his pioneering work on consciousness
develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity).
he has pioneered a number of innovative techniques

Use "pioneering" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "pioneering" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "pioneering", or refer to the context using the word "pioneering" in the English Dictionary.

1. Asteroidean Pioneering Society APS

2. Pioneering Led to Greater Privileges

3. September Pioneering jet aircraft.

4. Pioneering —An Expression of Love

5. She absolutely saved my pioneering.”

6. ‘Pioneering is not for everybody.

7. Showing Trust in Jehovah by Pioneering

8. Rock bands are pioneering its use.

9. He did pioneering work on microbes.

10. Individuals can share in auxiliary pioneering.

11. Weigh carefully the privilege of pioneering.

12. Best foot forward at a pioneering clinic.

13. Pioneering vision is required, and elbow grease!

14. The pioneering days are all but over.

15. Clapv was influential in pioneering environmental litigation in China

16. 30 min: “Pioneering —Wise Use of Our Time!”

17. The pioneering work of E Schmid and J.W.

18. 18 min: “Showing Trust in Jehovah by Pioneering.”

19. On November 1, 1951, we started pioneering together.

20. Compere: Ask a few again about pioneering problem.

21. Throughout his career Little continued his pioneering work.

22. In early 1946, I began pioneering in an adjacent county.

23. Advertising a convention during my early pioneering days in Ireland

24. 17 One sister enjoyed six years of continuous auxiliary pioneering.

25. During my first day of pioneering, it poured all day.

26. They are important monuments to Britain's pioneering industrial past.

27. Before you know it, you will forget about pioneering.

28. We also help our grown son in his pioneering.”

29. Presently, we are pioneering in the northwest of England.

30. Clapv was influential in pioneering environmental litigation in China

31. I have been pioneering in Mongolia since April 2008.

32. Invite audience to relate experiences enjoyed while auxiliary pioneering.

33. Pioneering in an enterprise is naturally never plain sailing.

34. 18 Pioneering may open the door to other privileges of service.

35. For over 25 years the department has been pioneering AI teaching.

36. Soul Craftswoman collaborators are pioneering a new way of working

37. Bluefin prides itself on pioneering the online customs clearance industry

38. I soon learned that pioneering was not always smooth sailing.

39. She related: “I turned in my application for regular pioneering.

40. Lower production costs mean economic profits for the pioneering firm.

41. They carried out pioneering work on the treatment of cancer.

42. 6 One couple started pioneering after raising their two sons.

43. The school has won awards for its pioneering work with the community.

44. We had mixed feelings, since we were enjoying our pioneering so much.

45. Her pioneering work in the field of education will be remembered.

46. (Matthew 6:33) And supplementary education does not rule out pioneering.

47. Pioneering the use of paintable Boron Nitride Coatings for everywhere that …

48. Carman has been credited with pioneering the contemporary Christian music genre.

49. Encourage publishers to consider regular pioneering during the upcoming service year.

50. Five years later, I contracted tuberculosis and had to stop pioneering.