mallard in English

the most common duck of the northern hemisphere and the ancestor of most domestic ducks, the male having a dark green head and white collar.
We saw lots of waterfowl, mostly Canada geese and mallards with the odd Gadwall.

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1. Cupped Waterfowl’s Finishing Mallard Duck Decoys are extremely realists hen and drake decoys, the pack comes with 6 mallard hen decoys and 6 mallard drake decoys

2. Should I start taking photos, Doctor Mallard?

3. Have, full mallard, fly only accordingly only.

4. He pounded me like a mallard duck.

5. Have you worked with Dr. Mallard long, Gerald?

6. "Mallard" holds the speed record for a steam locomotive.

7. Mallard duck, grey wagtail and occasionally kingfishers frequent the waterside.

8. He sets 18 mallard and 24 ringneck and Bluebill decoys

9. The carcass quality of Linwu mallard was measured after slaughtering.

10. The male mallard has a green head and reddish-brown chest.

11. Brain dead Running Head Textured Stripe Long Sleeve Tee Mallard Green

12. 6 Rain sheeted down on gad wall, tufted duck, coot and mallard.

13. Breed mallard of North America green head to having wide market perspective.

14. An example is the sequence of acts performed by a mallard drake during courtship.

15. Binkie Muddlefoot is one of the neighbors and friends of the Mallard household

16. This mallard duck feather was found over 1,800 feet in the back of Snow Dragon Cave.

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18. Only a very few Mallard reaction compounds had significant correlations with nicotine and total nitrogen.

19. It was Brently Mallard who entered , a little travel - stained, composedly carrying his gripsack and umbrella.

20. The pecten oculi of the mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) has been examined by light and electron microscopy.

21. It was Brently Mallard who entered, a little travel-stained, composedly carrying his gripsack and umbrella.

22. There is a fancy mailbox in the shape of a mallard with the name Alvesteffer beneath it.

23. This female mallard was brought into Slimbridge yesterday totally paralysed and she's already showing signs of recovery.

24. About a dozen mallard ducks were sleeping on the sand or quacking in a subdued manner under the dock.

25. Old World gooselike duck slightly larger than a mallard with variegated mostly black-and-white plumage and a red bill.

26. Brant definition is - a small goose (Branta bernicla) about the size of a mallard having a black head, neck, and chest.

27. Daybreak A little mist hangs above the pond, which is still save for a single mallard paddling slowly back and forth.

28. 18 Daybreak A little mist hangs above the pond, which is still save for a single mallard paddling slowly back and forth.

29. A long way south a plump caique thudded past towing a line of six little lamp-boats, like a mallard with ducklings.

30. The acute oral toxicity of active substance to a quail species (Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) or Bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus) or to mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) must be determined.

31. Neurons and neuropile structures of the infundibular and ventromedial nuclei of the hypothalami of the greenfinch (Carduelis chloris) and the mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) displayed a green-yellow fluorescence with the method of Falck and Owman.

32. Many domesticated birds, such as the domestic chicken and domestic duck, have lost the ability to fly for extended periods, although their ancestral species, the red junglefowl and mallard, respectively, are capable of extended flight.

33. The excited clamor of geese got things started followed by the agitated squawk of mallard hens as the Cagier birds began to lift up, then with a roar here they came and though climbing steadily passed over within easy range