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1. Noun the main force or impact, as of an attack or blow: His arm took the Brunt of the blow.

2. The Air Force has got my orders to blow up every bridge in this sector!

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6. In 1989 they started an investigation that was to blow the lid off corruption in the police force.

7. The blow-up rate of the blow-up solutions is estimated.

8. Brunt definition: the main force or shock of a blow , attack , etc (esp in the phrase bear the Brunt of ) Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

9. They will render blow for blow.

10. Blowys that blow wind can blow the the duo away while the underwater ones that blow bubbles create an

11. Blow (Foetus album), 2001; Blow (Ghinzu album) or the title song, 2004; Blow (Heather Nova album), 1993; Blow (Messy Marv and Berner album), 2009

12. Blow the candles!

13. Blow the horn.

14. Bloodstain pattern created when blood receives a blow or force resulting in the random dispersion of smaller drips of blood Luminol (C8H7N3O2) - is a versatile chemical that exhibits

15. Blowess — Blowen Blow en, Blowess Blow ess, n

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17. Daniel here has been giving me a blow-by-blow of this volleyball tournament.

18. Blow the open nostril into the tissue or handkerchief gently. Blow with as little force as you possibly can. Blowing too hard could cause mucus to go up into your sinuses which could cause an infection and worsen your symptoms

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20. There are 2 distinct types of Blow holes, 1 Blow hole or 2 blowholes

21. There are 2 distinct types of blow holes, 1 blow hole or 2 Blowholes

22. Let's blow.

23. Blow-dryer?

24. The blow winded me.

25. Blow where?