malls in English

a large building or series of connected buildings containing a variety of retail stores and typically also restaurants.
Once your store is in every mall , how do you get more growth - especially if the chain is narrowly focused to begin with?
synonyms: shopping center (shopping) plazashopping complex strip mall mini-mall galleria megamall marketplace
a sheltered walk or promenade.

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1. Flowers, mini-malls.

2. She hears immigrant lovers cry in crowded shopping malls.

3. American shopping malls and supermarkets are palaces of consumerism.

4. - They may be banned from stores or malls .

5. Condominiums and shopping malls have sprung up in profusion.

6. America’s Creepiest Abandoned Malls by Huffington Post Photojournalist Seph Lawless

7. 7 Tract housing, strip malls and public schools surrounded Southwestern.

8. He and his firefighter buddies phone local stores and malls.

9. Many department stores and shopping malls are built directly into the station.

10. From the very beginning Almeda and Northwest Malls were planned together

11. They have a balletic freeway system; snazzy shopping malls; stylish skylines.

12. Agencies or brokerage for contracts of sale on the Internet shopping malls

13. Hence more opportunities abound such as strip malls, bingos, and other gaming activities.

14. 5 The American landscape is being homogenized by malls and fast-food restaurants.

15. Both of these streets are pedestrian malls between William Street and Barrack Street.

16. Starting in the late 1980s, Café Du Monde opened additional locations in shopping malls.

17. She hung out at gyms the way other kids hang out at malls.

18. Now, you don’t have to take out time from your busy schedule and go store to store, malls to malls to get new Muslim clothing long Abaya dresses & Abaya Online from

19. Provision and rental of advertising space at retail environments including shopping malls and supermarkets

20. Enough of the mass shootings in malls and movie theaters and churches and schools.

21. Simon Youth Academies are non-traditional high schools that are located primarily in Simon Malls

22. Bluejacks frequently occurred in public transportation locales (23.4%), stores and shopping malls (32.1%) and restaurants

23. Yili Ambrosial range on display in one of the shopping malls in the Klang Valley

24. Shopping malls also adjust to the changed market conditions and they try to elaborate...

25. In the last ten years, outlet malls have sprung up all over the country.

26. Amuze Products installs the best, brand new vending massage chairs in malls at no charge

27. Some in the industry even predicted that e-commerce would spell the death of malls.

28. You can see and navigate inside places like malls and airports using the Google Maps app.

29. The whole area is famed for its ́buzz ́ world-class shopping malls, towering buildings, night entertainment and alfresco dining options.Bukit Bintang is the legendary shopping centre that offers a spectacular array of shopping malls and outlets.

30. 25 In the last ten years, outlet malls have sprung up all over the country.

31. He and his assistants hung around shopping malls and city streets, eavesdropping on whoops and hoots.

32. One controversial aspect of malls has been their effective displacement of traditional main streets or high streets.

33. Investments in the city are dominated by malls, high-rise hotels and condominiums and convention centers.

34. He and his assistants hung around shopping malls and city streets, eavesdropping on whoops and hoots.

35. Speedy Automats can be found at convenient locations with extended working time in malls and trade centers

36. Other malls have been re- inhabited as nursing homes, as universities, and as all variety of office space.

37. Our daughter adores going to shopping malls, simply because they're full of what I call 'coin Chomping chimps.'

38. Among many traditions are pancake breakfasts served at no charge on downtown street corners and at shopping malls.

39. But its capital Bangkok stands in stark contrast, a nonstop whirl of street-food stalls, shopping malls

40. Travelers’ cheques are accepted at most banks, foreign currency exchange bureaus, hotels and stores in major malls.

41. Other malls have been re-inhabited as nursing homes, as universities, and as all variety of office space.

42. Wall lights and track lights for illuminating works of art, airports, railway stations, workshop factories and shopping malls

43. The wealthy Detroit property developer of shopping malls enjoyed the social prestige of owning the world's largest auction house.

44. Brierwood Gardens is located in north Brantford and is close to shopping malls, parks, community centres and Brantford General Hospital.

45. So whether it's redeveloping dying malls or re- inhabiting dead big- box stores or reconstructing wetlands out of parking lots,

46. List the malls, boutiques and department stores you aim to check out in order to eliminate Aimless window-shopping

47. Mercure Curitiba Batel, located in the noblest region of the city, where there are trendy shopping malls, bars and restaurants

48. Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral is 2.9 mi from Petronas Twin Towers and 2.7 mi from shopping malls in Bukit Bintang

49. Ajman offers an exciting mix of beaches and mangroves to museums and malls that will tempt travellers of all ages.

50. SM Prime Allots P80b, to launch three new malls posted March 07, 2021 at 08:40 pm by Jenniffer B