malleolus in English

a bony projection with a shape likened to a hammer head, especially each of those on either side of the ankle.
On examination he had mild swelling and tenderness around the medial malleolus of his left ankle.

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1. Vibration sensation testing over the medial malleolus.

2. Objective To investigate the anatomical character and clinical application value of external malleolus periosteum bone flap pedicled with facia and external malleolus anterior artery.

3. Tibia (features) medial Condyle, lateral Condyle, tibial tuberosity, medial malleolus

4. The SSEP electrodes are located laterally and caudally onto the malleolus medialis in order to stimulate the tibial nerve.

5. The outside area of his foot beneath and around the lateral malleolus was the first to require any real contortion.

6. Avulsion fractures of the ankle are commonly caused by the twisting of the ankle and typically affect the medial malleolus bone.

7. Os Calcanei accessorium (os trochleare, os talocalcaneale laterale) is located near the trochlear process of the calcaneus on the fibular aspect just distal to the fibular malleolus

8. The purpose of this study was to compare anterior-to-posterior (AP) lag screws with posterior Buttress plating for fixation of posterior malleolus fractures in a human cadaveric model.

9. 16 Methods:Free iliac bone with a piece of fascial strip is incorporated with flap to reconstruct the deficits in medial malleolus both bone and soft tissue in one stage or by stages.