mall in English

a large building or series of connected buildings containing a variety of retail stores and typically also restaurants.
Once your store is in every mall , how do you get more growth - especially if the chain is narrowly focused to begin with?
synonyms: shopping center (shopping) plazashopping complex strip mall mini-mall galleria megamall marketplace
a sheltered walk or promenade.

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1. Aeon MALL is a specialist shopping mall developer

2. Aeon MALL is a specialist shopping mall developer

3. Head towards the mall.

4. Go Shopping at Bohol Quality Mall Source: Bohol-guide Bohol Quality Mall

5. This is a shopping mall.

6. View the mall directory and map at Animas Valley Mall to find your favorite stores

7. The Madina Mall is a large shopping mall which opened in early 2012.

8. Charlottetown Mall, Charlottetown, PE

9. 12 reviews of Billerica Mall "This must be the saddest mall I've ever been to

10. Castle Cross Shopping Mall

11. In addition to five brick and mortar stores – located at the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg, the Capital City Mall in Camp Hill, Tanger Outlets in Lancaster, the Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick, and the Valley Mall in Hagerstown, Bleacher Bums also offers

12. Thousands of people crammed the mall Sunday.

13. I got a circlet from the mall.

14. Studio xxi Banjarmasin • #nw ice age 4 "continental drift" at xx1 (duta mall,south borneo) Banjarmasin • #nw ice age 4 "continental drift" at xxi (duta mall, south borneo) Banjarmasin • cafe xxi duta mall Banjarmasin • cinema xxi Banjarmasin • cinema xxi duta mall Banjarmasin • cinema xxi duta mall Banjarmasin Banjarmasin •

15. 2002 Annapolis Mall Annapolis MD 21401

16. Grand opening of the usa mall today.

17. Administrative Officer at Indio Fashion Mall

18. This mall is a shopper's paradise.

19. The crowds thronged into the mall.

20. And welcome to the mall family.

21. Blissful Event's Studio is located inside Eastpoint Mall

22. The local kids hang out at the mall.

23. They're throwing it at a nearby shopping mall.

24. Stressed holiday shoppers lugging Armloads of bags trudge from store to store and mall to mall, from Grand Junction to Greeley

25. And the centerline of the mall goes out.

26. The new mall has been an economic fiasco.

27. I saw Sally last Saturday at the mall.

28. Joe runs a hamburger concession in the mall.

29. SM has given Aficionado the opportunity to grow with the mall as a partner and with the continuing expansion to new mall openings

30. Fairbank became something of a shopping mall.

31. 5 Joe runs a hamburger concession in the mall.

32. The shopper is the opposite of the mall fingerer.

33. “Aeon MALL Tan Phu Celadon” is the first one-stop shopping mall in Vietnam which opened on January 11, 2014

34. The Berkshire Mall is an enclosed shopping mall in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania accessible from US 222/US 422 at the Paper Mill Road interchange

35. CoyCooing: Cosmetic Makeup Skin Care Hair Shopping Mall

36. Suddenly Tony Angotti burst through the mall doors.

37. The new East-West highway near the mall.

38. Almeda Mall is shopping mall which was originally built in 1968 and today is a premiere shopping destination southeast area of Houston

39. 35 reviews of Chico Mall "I don't even think this place deserves to even be referred to as a mall

40. The Boricua Mall is about to be upgraded

41. Here is the location map of Aeon Mall

42. Bloomed, located at Dadeland Mall: Skincare service provider

43. The Mall is a symbol of American democracy.

44. Mall of the Emirates (with Ski Dubai) opens.

45. There is a large mall on the street.

46. La Push doesn't have a mall, you know.

47. Or he could be selling fitness equipment at the mall.

48. Those people are mall change as far as I'm concerned.

49. Straits Quay Mall is the closest landmark to Chymes

50. Mani's and pedi's at the mall later on today.