forbidden to marry in English

ot allowed to marry (of a person who is not allowed to marry a Jew according to Jewish law)

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1. Reason : under Guam law, it is expressly forbidden for virgins to marry.

2. The licence gave permission to marry after one asking of the Banns, which were forbidden from Advent Sunday to 13 January

3. 21:7 A Kohen must not marry a zonah (a woman who has had a forbidden sexual relationship) — Lev.

4. To lose to pursue, to marry marry a happiness.

5. Lost to marry me, marry you win.

6. “Forbidding to Marry”

7. You are all forbidden to leave.

8. The soldiers were forbidden to fraternize.

9. He was forbidden to talk to her.

10. She was explicitly forbidden to attend.

11. The soldiers were forbidden to fraternise.

12. I'm going to marry you.

13. I hesitate to marry her.

14. To marry appointment good enough.

15. Duty forbade them to marry.

16. I'm hesitant to marry her.

17. I haven't wherewithal to marry.

18. Women were forbidden to enter the sanctuary.

19. LADY CAPULET Marry, that marry is the very theme

20. I am forbidden.

21. Prayer was forbidden.

22. It's forbidden to sell tobacco to children under

23. 4 The soldiers were forbidden to fraternize.

24. Criminal: contrary to or forbidden by law.

25. The Great Mosque is forbidden to Christians.