mallet in English

a hammer with a large, usually wooden head, used especially for hitting a chisel.
Start your screw hole with an awl by tapping gently with a hammer or a soft-face mallet .

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1. A good whack with the mallet.

2. Her right hand for the workman’s mallet.

3. A small mallet used by auctioneers.

4. Joe, a mallet and some irons.

5. From outside came another quick whack of the mallet.

6. Take the plough thethe mallet the lute.

7. Slight tapping with a mallet may be required.

8. Hold this mallet half moon shape, not hold tightly.

9. See that little guy on the horse with the mallet?

10. He hit the peg mightily on the top with a mallet.

11. The attacks, which involved a mallet and knife, began in December 2010.

12. He hits the bull with the iron mallet and the bull bellows.

13. Shouldn't I have a gun or an iron mallet or something?

14. Hand-cut half-blind dovetails with only a pair of Chisels and a mallet

15. Objective To develop a new method for the early treatment of mallet finger.

16. Those boys have been playing with a short mallet since they were two.

17. The skull smashed, apparently by a heavy mallet which Lorrimer had been examining.

18. Paring Chisels should never be struck with a mallet, but only used with the hands.

19. Whether you’re looking for a blade putter or mallet putter at affordable prices, Cleveland Golf …

20. Drop that mallet and bring the thrill of the arcade everywhere with EA Air Hockey!

21. When thrusting with the mallet, press the head with the finger, then thrust forward.

22. The Cutlet can also be tenderized with the use of a pounding mallet

23. With a heavy swing of the mallet, he drove the post into the ground.

24. The police sent in the mallet to see if the stains on it are human blood.

25. The player, equipped with a small mallet, attempted to whack each mole as it appeared.

26. He stares me down , wielding his bronze mallet , ho , chasing me off in his fierce voice.

27. He could scarcely have given him a firmer hint if he had hit him over the head with a mallet.

28. In addition[sentence dictionary], a newly improved composing structural design of mallet was deveIoped to replace traditional one.

29. But when we Chiseled out a notch in this 4x4, they stood up to some pretty mighty mallet abuse

30. A possible vindication of this hypothesis is the copper mallet mentioning a team of paid workers from the nome of Wadjet.

31. Dressed in a charcoal gray athletic outfit, Mallet wears special white cotton gloves - gloves that every visitor receives before entering the exhibit.

32. Judge Mallet wisely decided to postpone his ruling until September 13 in order to give himself time to deliberate on the matter.

33. This gives the workforce both a much greater capacity to coerce management and a consciousness of its collective power, claims Mallet.

34. I agree that he was probably killed by a single blow and that wooden mallet on the table seems the likely weapon.

35. Help Broken Fingers Hand Contractures, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Mallet Fingers or Hand Splint for Metacarpal Fractures (Left - S/Med) 4.2 out of 5 stars 181 $22.95

36. It has been like splitting hemlock knots with a corn-dodger [a piece of corn bread] for a wedge, and a pumpkin for a beetle [a wooden mallet].

37. With a Phillips screwdriver, an Allen wrench and rubber mallet, IKEA customers can very literally build an entire home's worth of furniture on a very tight budget.

38. A mid-mallet is the predominant putter style among Armlock players for its desirable head shape, and this Piper relies on the same low-CG, high-MOI, heel-toe weighted Piper C head

39. David Mallet edited Bolingbroke's Works (5 vols., 1754), and Gilbert Parke edited his Letters and Correspondence, Public and Private (4 vols., 1798), written during 1710-1714, when Bolingbroke was secretary of state

40. The archaeologists also found remains of two wooden clubs, one the shape of a baseball bat and made of ash, the second the shape of a croquet mallet and made of sloe wood.

41. The archaeologists also found remains of two wooden clubs, one the shape of a baseball bat and made of ash, the second the shape of a croquet mallet and made of sloe wood.

42. AccessGUDID - Crosstie™ (00850310006526)- The Crosstie™ Intraosseous Fixation System is used to aid in the fixation of fractures, fusions, and osteotomies of the toes, including hammertoe, claw toe, mallet toe and inter-digital fusions.

43. The hardships of living in early 19th-century Massachusetts are graphically depicted, including dentistry with mallet and pliers, harsh winters in which hunger is Abated with scrawny game meat, and alcohol is the only relief for physical pain.

44. He may have used a square, a plummet, a chalk line, a hatchet, a saw, an adze, a hammer, a mallet, chisels, a drill that he worked by pulling a bow back and forth, various glues, and perhaps some nails, though they were costly.

45. The mallet is used to not only tenderize but to flattened and form the Cutlet into narrower thicknesses by gently pounding the meat into a 1/4 inch thick piece or somewhat close and forming it into the shape of a traditional Cutlet.

46. Rock Blading is an advanced manual therapy treatment technique which can be used for relieving different areas of pain throughout the body affected by chronic pain or sports injuries.Rock-Blading uses two pieces of metal, one that is called a “Mallet” and another that’s called a “Mullet”.

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49. Battledore (n.) mid-15c., "bat-like implement used in washing clothes," of unknown origin, perhaps from Old Provençal batedor, Spanish batidor "beater, bat," from batir "to beat;" perhaps blended with Middle English betel "hammer, mallet" (see beetle (n.2))

50. The performer is in the worst possible position for the actual sound, because they're hearing the contact of the stick on the drum, or the mallet on the bit of wood, or the bow on the string, etc., or the breath that's creating the sound from wind and brass.