mallows in English

a herbaceous plant with hairy stems, pink or purple flowers, and disk-shaped fruit. Several kinds are grown as ornamentals, and some are edible.
The look is deliberately natural, with an emphasis on indigenous plants such as swamp mallow and drought-tolerant ornamental grasses.

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1. Palmer's Abutilon (Abutilon palmeri) is a relatively rare species of the Malvaceae Family (mallows) native the southwestern U.S

2. Like all Abutilons (cousins of mallows) it wants to think it is living in a slightly-shaded bog

3. ‘Flowers range from peonies, delphiniums, various brooms and gorses, mallows, asters and periwinkle through to Buglosses, mandrake, daises, narcissi, irises and orchids.’ More example sentences ‘Viper's bugloss was introduced from Europe in colonial times.’

4. Family (a) Malvaceae mallows; mauves (b) Poaceae grasses; gramines (c ) Lamiaceae mints; menthes: Common name: (a) Kulotkulot (Filipino); Chinese burr; Burr bush; Paroquet bur; Diamond Burrbark (English); Daupang (Sul) (b) Dawa (Filipino); Common millet; Italian bristle grass; Italian foxtail; Foxtail bristlegrass; Foxtail millet (English) (c) Suob-kabayo (Filipino); Bush-tea-bush; Pignut