forbidden by halachah in English

ot allowed according to Jewish traditio

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1. Criminal: contrary to or forbidden by law.

2. A plural marriage is forbidden by many countries.

3. Corrupting is a pickaxe enchantment added by Forbidden Magic

4. Arousing Your Man By Taking Him to The Forbidden Zone

5. By eating the forbidden fruit, Complicity took on another dimension, and

6. Personal attachments are expressly forbidden by the Council of Time Masters.

7. I am forbidden.

8. Prayer was forbidden.

9. I'm a Kingsguard, forbidden by oath to carry on the family line.

10. Burning oneself is forbidden to Brahmans and Kshatriyas by a special law .

11. As mentioned, it was already forbidden by law to procure an abortion.

12. 3: Abortion —Why Forbidden?

13. That way is forbidden.

14. This is forbidden area.

15. Marriage with a deceased wife's sister was forbidden by ecclesiastical law, though permitted by common law.

16. Occult practices forbidden (9-14)

17. I know it is forbidden.

18. Mormon is forbidden by the Lord to preach because of the people’s willful rebellion

19. Bookmaking is forbidden on campus.

20. Transportation of the plant out of the Moslem nations was forbidden by the government.

21. The Admiralties were now forbidden by law to sell off these 60 new ships

22. You are absolutely forbidden by the rules of the city to continue putting up posters.

23. Sex was always a forbidden topic.

24. Women are forbidden within the encampment.

25. You are all forbidden to leave.