humiliate|humiliated|humiliates|humiliating in English


[hu·mil·i·ate || hjuː'mɪlɪeɪt]

shame, mortify, lower someone's pride, humble

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1. Jehovah’s day humiliates the haughty (6-22)

2. Publicly humiliated!

3. Publicly humiliated.

4. He humiliated himself.

5. Definition of Abash to humiliate someone and make them feel embarrassed or ashamed Examples of Abash in a sentence The officer tried to Abash the inmates, humiliating them and treating them like dogs

6. His teacher continually humiliates him in maths lessons.

7. Don't humiliate the administration, Frank.

8. Rejected!Publicly humiliated!

9. You're humiliating me.

10. 5 His teacher continually humiliates him in maths lessons.

11. Grown men shouldn't humiliate themselves like this.

12. How are we humiliating you?

13. Teaching or being humiliated?

14. God, this is so humiliating.

15. Now I'm utterly humiliated!

16. I think your intention is to humiliate me.

17. I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal.

18. He found the experience utterly humiliating.

19. It looks like you're humiliating yourself.

20. For what will you do later if your neighbor humiliates you?

21. They were humiliated beyond endurance.

22. The position of being humiliated.

23. But I won't be humiliated.

24. Then I felt embarrassed, humiliated.

25. I've never felt so humiliated.