buried deep in the ground in English

found very much below the earth's surface

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1. He is buried in sacred ground.

2. The missile buried itself deep in the grassy hillside.

3. Can atheists be buried in hallowed ground?

4. The bones will be buried in hallowed ground .

5. The waste is buried deep underground.

6. Scores died and were buried in the frozen ground.

7. Because of desires buried deep in his heart.

8. The memory was buried deep within my subconscious.

9. If they have skeletons, they're buried deep.

10. These often have many icons buried deep inside.

11. Orde was buried in the private burial ground adjacent to the house in 1878.

12. But suppose you were told that there was treasure buried in the ground?

13. buried... deep amongst the dreary columns of our trade finance.

14. I have something buried deep in my mind that I must remember.

15. Buried; Burying Kids Definition of bury 1 : to place in the ground and cover over for concealment The pirates buried their treasure.

16. IceCube covers a cubic kilometre but is buried deep below the surface.

17. What I was able to find is a photocopy buried deep in a logbook.

18. 'Each vault, buried deep in the earth, is accessed by a drop-slot at the planet's surface.

19. And human resources are like natural resources; they're often buried deep.

20. Fuel storage tanks can be buried underground or constructed above ground.

21. That's an MI6 Alpha Level secure facility buried deep within that building.

22. Sometimes, in some floodplain situations, Archaeological sites may be buried several meters deep beneath the current surface

23. To put a dead body into the ground: His father is Buried in the cemetery on the hill.

24. Cesspools are covered pits or holes buried in the ground which receive human waste from a pipe

25. This structure, however, gives no hint of the vast construction buried beneath the ground.