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a minute body or cell in an organism, especially a red or white cell in the blood of vertebrates.
It is composed of: red corpuscles , white cells, platelets, and blood plasma.

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1. Corpuscle It all starts with the photon, that little Corpuscle of light.

2. Pacinian's, this is another Corpuscle

3. How to say meissner Corpuscle in English? Pronunciation of meissner Corpuscle with 1 audio pronunciation, 13 translations and more for meissner Corpuscle.

4. 7 synonyms for Corpuscle: mote, particle, speck, atom, molecule, blood cell, blood Corpuscle

5. 7 synonyms for Corpuscle: mote, particle, speck, atom, molecule, blood cell, blood Corpuscle

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8. What does WBC stand for in Corpuscle? Get the top WBC abbreviation related to Corpuscle.

9. Pacinian's Corpuscle will respond.

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12. What are synonyms for red Corpuscle?

13. Corpuscle definition is - a minute particle

14. Each corpuscle singing in its capillary hates you.

15. What does Corpuscle mean? Information and translations of Corpuscle in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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17. General view of a renal corpuscle ( section ).

18. Corpuscle WBC abbreviation meaning defined here

19. The next mechanoreceptor is called Pacinian's Corpuscle

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21. Pacinian Corpuscle Skin contains many sensory receptors

22. An atom with an extra Corpuscle is a univalent negative ion, an atom with one Corpuscle detached is a univalent positive ion

23. The Bulbous Corpuscle or Ruffini ending or Ruffini Corpuscle is a slowly adapting mechanoreceptor found in the subcutaneous tissue of humans

24. Corpuscle (Crossword clue) We found 11 answers for “Corpuscle”. This page shows answers to the clue Corpuscle, followed by ten definitions like “ A tiny piece of anything ”, “ Latin = a little body ” and “ An unattached cell, esp ”

25. Hypernyms ("white Corpuscle" is a kind of): blood cell; blood Corpuscle; Corpuscle (either of two types of cells (erythrocytes and leukocytes) and sometimes including platelets) free phagocyte (a phagocyte that circulates in the blood) Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "white Corpuscle"):

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28. Bacterial viruses : " The first act of Bacteriophagy consists in the approach of the bacteriophage corpuscle toward the bacteria , then in the fixation of the corpuscle Author : Samuel Nathaniel Merritt

29. The renal Corpuscle is the basic filtration structure of the kidney

30. Corpuscle is part of a trio of bipedal interdimensional corporeal entities

31. Deforming the Corpuscle creates a generator potential in the sensory neuron arising

32. Renal Corpuscle, filtration unit of vertebrate nephrons, functional units of the kidney

33. 🔊 Under the microscope, the blood Corpuscle appeared like a tiny speck

34. Like Crainiac, Corpuscle saw his inhuman creations as an art form.

35. Corpuscle answers are found in the Taber's Medical Dictionary powered by Unbound Medicine

36. Corpuscle - either of two types of cells (erythrocytes and leukocytes) and sometimes including platelets

37. A Pacinian Corpuscle is a type of touch receptor located in the skin

38. An analysis is made of the transmission of mechanical forces through the Pacinian Corpuscle

39. The renal Corpuscle is composed of two distinct structures: the glomerulus and the Bowman's capsule

40. Because the red blood cells are deformed, every Corpuscle is shaped like a crescent moon

41. Objective To evaluate the impact of standing time of the peripheral blood on corpuscle determination.

42. The rise white corpuscle activity of (E)-10-hydroxy-2-decylenic acid is reported in this paper.

43. There is not a corpuscle to spare between her lean, muscular frame and her black Diesel pants.

44. The word Corpuscle is a medical term for a living cell, such as a red blood cell

45. Sources: isolated from acid-hydrolyzed animal proteins such as casein, fibrin or blood corpuscle paste (Windholz 1983).

46. 🔊 As the sun began to rise, a thin Corpuscle of light peaked through the curtains

47. The calculation formula of index of renal corpuscle lipid deposition was the same to glomerulosclerosis index.

48. The renal Corpuscle is an ovoid structure with physical dimensions of approximately 150 μm to 250 μm

49. As The profile area of a slab-sectioned corpuscle or nucleus, a quantity meAsurable by image cytometry.

50. Basophile: 1 n a leukocyte with basophilic granules easily stained by basic stains Synonyms: basophil Type of: WBC , leucocyte , leukocyte , white blood cell , white blood corpuscle , white cell , white corpuscle blood cells that engulf and digest bacteria and fungi; an …