corpus striatum in English

part of the basal ganglia of the brain, comprising the caudate and lentiform nuclei.
Atrophy is most marked in the corpus striatum of the basal ganglia, including the caudate and putamen.

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1. Progressive atrophy of the globus pallidus (primary atrophy of the pallidal system): a system disease of the paralysis Agitans type, characterized by atrophy of the motor cells of the corpus striatum; a contribution to the functions of the corpus striatum

2. In May, 1916, at a meeting of the American Neurological Association, I1 described a system disease of the paralysis Agitans type associated with atrophy of the large efferent projection cells of the corpus striatum

3. The Basal ganglia are a group of neurons (also called nuclei) located deep within the cerebral hemispheres of the brain.The Basal ganglia consist of the corpus striatum (a major group of Basal ganglia nuclei) and related nuclei