buried treasure in English


hoard of riches that are buried in the ground for safekeeping; (Computers) startling piece of code found in a program

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1. See also: and, bury, dead Buried treasure 1

2. See also: and, Bury, dead buried treasure 1

3. Seek for buried treasure - £000 hidden in Smugglers Country.

4. Stories about pirates often include a search for buried treasure.

5. 25 Stories about pirates often include a search for buried treasure.

6. Bury something We used to dig for hours, looking for buried treasure

7. Do you know how many maps I've sold that lead to buried treasure?

8. Sea battles and voyages and plunder and buried treasure and king's pardons and kidnapped wenches.

9. Armed with the new machine, a search party went the cave hoping to find buried treasure.

10. Armed with the new machine, a search party went into the cave hoping to find buried treasure.

11. This book included clues to 12 buried treasure Casques, which once found, contained a ‘key’ used to claim a valuable gemstone

12. A Guy Who Bombed out of Journalism Found a Famous Buried Treasure Former Georgetown student Jack Stuef embarrassed Wonkette and BuzzFeed, and left the news business

13. Apart from the luxuriant black beard which earned him his nickname, the most prominent aspect of the Blackbeard legend is his buried treasure, which has never been found and probably never existed.

14. Buried treasure is probably the most common and enduring theme for books and films about pirates since Robert Louis Stevenson put pen to paper and drew the first map of Treasure Island in 18

15. The setting for generations of pirate lore and tales of buried treasure, coastal Georgia's Blackbeard Island has had a compelling history for at least 200 years, including a period when it was the largest federal marine quarantine station on the south Atlantic coast.

16. In the Faulbacher valley there are three gorgeous lakes almost next door to each other, or the somewhat cooler Alat Lake with clean water suitable for drinking. Legends and mystery are associated with the Alat lake, buried treasure from Neuschwanstein is supposed to be hidden there.