corpses in English

a dead body, especially of a human being rather than an animal.
Then for the next 8 hours during the second stage I evacuated corpses or dead bodies.
synonyms: dead body body carcass skeleton remains mortal remains stiff soul case cadaver

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1. Exhume Corpses Upgrade - This upgrade allows Me Wagons to generate corpses like a Graveyard.

2. 'Cause corpses crap themselves.

3. Corpses as Bedmates - Venus Handcuffs (full album) 50:01; Corpses As Bedmates - Venus Handcuffs

4. Exhume Corpses Upgrade - This upgrade allows Meat Wagons to generate corpses like a Graveyard.

5. “Aftermaths” deals with four corpses

6. Corpses As Bedmates - Willow Tree

7. Those soldiers have touched corpses

8. 4:15; Corpses As Bedmates - Haebsibah

9. Here then suffocating smell corpses.

10. This place is crawling with corpses.

11. 2:11; Corpses As Bedmates - Fur Man

12. Their rotting corpses heating our atmosphere.

13. Corpses raise questions, questions raise armies.

14. The streets were strewn with corpses.

15. Corpses As Bedmates - The Sleep (Dreamless) 4:27

16. 4:48 Corpses as Bedmates - Gus Black Box

17. Researchers need a growing supply of corpses for dissection.

18. Corpses hung from gallows, heads were spiked on railings.

19. He pays me to insulate him from corpses.

20. Corpses are set to banquet at Behest of Usura

21. Two cons, three corpses, one of them a cop.

22. So, why should these spikes be hung with corpses?

23. Naberius is storing human corpses underneath the Wessex Institute.

24. You should understand that knowledge takes precedence over corpses.

25. Thus each day corpses were deposited in the adjacent vault.

26. And in a couple years Grotto won't need corpses.

27. Corpses as Bedmates - Venus Handcuffs (full album) 50:01

28. + 32 But your own corpses will fall in this wilderness.

29. Our make-up department for corpses eliminates the appearance of death.

30. Abominations are large, strong, virtually brainless amalgams of animated corpses

31. I want to see mangled corpses that have suffered unspeakable brutality.

32. The corpses were catapulted over the city walls, infecting the inhabitants.

33. It holds the largest collection of slightly chilled corpses in the world.

34. Something no longer useful or viable: rusting Corpses of old cars

35. Two girls allegedly survived by hiding under the corpses of associates.

36. Corpses of infants and overweight persons are particularly prone to Adipocere transformation

37. The Beheaded inhabits corpses, turning them into vehicles for its own use

38. 15 Vampire is night-walking, blood-gorged, plague-spreading undead human corpses.

39. Exhume Corpses Upgrade - This upgrade allows Meat Wagons to generate corpses like a Graveyard. A new corpse is generated every X seconds and is placed inside their cargo. CURRENTLY NOT ACTIVE.

40. Thebes, the city of corpses, where we found a single child, still alive.

41. In Europe the desiccation and preservation of corpses is a particularly Sicilian affair.

42. Here beside a great oak tree I counted the corpses of fifteen men.

43. Halys corpses, as well as overwintering survival in the presence of fresh dead Conspecifics.

44. The acrid smell of smoke as the corpses burned reminded us of our companions.

45. Would it be seemly to have a moment of silence for the Iraqi corpses?

46. An Abomination is created from the mutilated and disease-ridden corpses brought from the battlefield

47. Enemy corpses also have an Aggro bubble; entering it will Aggro any living members of …

48. What I saw was horrifying —corpses littered the ground, and choking smoke filled the air.

49. Thousands of corpses are strewn along the streets of Port au - Prince and environs.

50. What does Charnel mean? A building or place where corpses or bones are deposited