corpulent in English

(of a person) fat.
Evelyn was corpulent , thick-set, grotesquely charismatic; Laila was flame-haired, wide-eyed, honey-voiced.
synonyms: fat obese overweight plump portly stout chubby paunchybeer-bellied heavy bulky chunky well-upholsteredwell paddedwell covered meaty fleshy rotund broad in the beam tubby pudgy beefy porky roly-poly blubbery corn-fed abdominous

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1. Corpulent (9) Corpulent 1980 Dom DeLuise comedy (1) Corpulent boss, not very clever (1) Corpulent corpuscle (1) Corpulent criminal (1) Corpulent crosby (1) Corpulent or fat (1) Corpulent plus (1) Corpulent South Park kid (1) Corpulent to an extreme (1) Corpulent woman`s old man (1)

2. Galician: ·Corpulent, stout··Corpulent, stout Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary

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4. Corpulent is a crossword puzzle clue

5. This was a corpulent farmer.

6. He is a short, somewhat Corpulent, man

7. He is a short, somewhat corpulent, man.

8. What does Corpulent mean? Information and translations of Corpulent in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

9. Examples of Corpulent in a sentence After overeating for months, the skinny girl became somewhat Corpulent

10. Definition of Corpulent in the dictionary

11. Corpulent: having an excess of body fat.

12. Her father is too corpulent to play handball.

13. This was a Corpulent farmer: 9.

14. Definition of Corpulent adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

15. Next nosepiece are corpulent. What drug can you take?

16. Corpulent -- Find potential answers to this crossword clue at

17. Corpulent definition, large or bulky of body; portly; stout; fat

18. We found a corpulent corpse and a letter of correspondence.

19. Definition of Corpulent adjective in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary

20. It went to the ceiling in Corpulent puffs

21. Corpulence definition is - the state of being corpulent

22. It went to the ceiling in corpulent puffs.

23. We searched a corpulent corpse and a letter of correspondence.

24. His Corpulent figure and indolent manner belied ambition and a keen political intelligence.: In The Maltese Falcon, the dandified villain is a Corpulent homosexual with a lustful penchant for ancient art and gunsels.: The scornful laughter of the Corpulent man was accompanied by a slight hiccuping.: A Corpulent figure was silhouetted in the doorway leading to the sitting room, balancing an

25. Corpulence f (plural Corpulences) Corpulence (quality of being corpulent) Related terms

26. The Crossword Solver found 28 answers to the Corpulent crossword clue

27. Corpulent From the very beginning of the tale, the king and his men are described, in the most unattractive terms, as ' ' large, Corpulent, oily men ' ' (899)

28. Corpulent is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times

29. 🔊 The doctor suggested that the Corpulent woman begin an exercise program

30. Corpulent is a formal word that describes someone who is very overweight

31. Corpulent adjective fat, large, overweight, plump, stout, bulky, burly, obese, fleshy, beefy (informal), tubby, portly, roly-poly, rotund, well-padded His rather Corpulent figure betrayed his self-indulgent lifestyle

32. Adjective If you describe someone as Corpulent, you mean they are fat.

33. The Corpulent is the second and final boss of Potomac Events Center

34. He was fifty or there abouts and was corpulent and tall in person.

35. Minded by Corpulent nymphets with wings and frowns, in reticence t

36. Corpulent British English: stout ADJECTIVE A stout person is rather fat

37. Stadler, meanwhile, was grimacing and snarling with every strut of his corpulent form.

38. He was fifty or there abouts and was Corpulent and tall in person

39. There are no more uses of "Corpulent" in Lord of the Flies

40. Crapulent definition in English dictionary, Crapulent meaning, synonyms, see also 'Crapulently',crapulence',corpulent',crape'

41. I had expected that Mr. Gatsby florid and corpulent person in his middle years.

42. The definition of Corpulent is a person who is fat or obese

43. Corpulent to put it in the vernacular: FAT AS FUCK! He's so Corpulent, when he sits around the well-appointed Tuscan villa, he sits AROUND the well-appointed Tuscan villa

44. • A short, somewhat Corpulent man, he wore dark, double-breasted suits of discreet quality

45. A short somewhat Corpulent man he wore dark double-breasted suits of discreet quality: 6

46. Sitting behind the window was a corpulent woman with a face of steel.

47. Corpulent (adj.) "fleshy, portly, stout," late 14c., from Old French Corpulent "stout, fat," from Latin Corpulentus "fleshy, fat," from corpus "body" (from PIE root *kwrep-"body, form, appearance") + -ulentus "full of." Leigh Hunt was sent to prison for two years for calling the Prince Regent Corpulent in …

48. I had expected that Mr. Gatsby a florid and corpulent person in his middle years.

49. Corpulent Cadaver is a rare attack champion from the faction Undead Hordes doing magic damage

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