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1. kralların kayıtsız şartsız hakimiyeti taraftarı, mutlakıyetci.

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3. ‘The Last Absolutist System’

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6. Absolutist is a casual game company fromDnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

7. Hegel presented an Absolutist model of socio-political history, and Marx an Absolutist model of society based on economic realities

8. I reject the absolutist approach to human rights.

9. Explain the difference between Absolutist and relativist ethics

10. • The Absolutist believes mathematical knowledge is necessary, perfect and atemporal

11. Any 'absolutist' methods ... were essentially means to that end."

12. Absolutist has supported Linux for a number of years.

13. As we are not absolutist, we consider that they may be accepted.

14. Constitutionalism or and constitutional monarchy, is everything that the absolutist state is not

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16. The Absolutist approach asserts that the rights in the First Amendment are unalterable

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18. There is the path of absolutist demands, hateful rhetoric, and incitement to violence.

19. It doesn't concern you, Sister, that kind of absolutist view of the universe?

20. Many former Absolutists (or partly absolutist states) had to issue constitutions, but the absolutist kings of France fell the hardest, one being removed from power and executed during the French

21. ‘An Absolutist account of individual rights leaves no opportunity to formulate more stringent policies for the procurement of organs.’ ‘Indeed, it is an Absolutist claim echoed in a leading article in the journal.’

22. North Korea is an example of a country that's been run by an Absolutist

23. Thus, despite a de jure intact constitution, the sultan ruled in the absolutist manner.

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26. The Absolutist, Joseph II (1780–90), who succeeded Maria Theresa, failed in his reforms

27. A Prussian style absolutist who doesn't hesitate to transgress the rights of the people.

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29. After Hoen died in 1649, Louis Henry tried to enforce an absolutist policy in Dillenburg.

30. Synonyms for Corporatist include fascist, authoritarian, autocrat, dictator, tyrant, absolutist, despot, totalitarian, blackshirt and militarist

31. Stein was an anti-absolutist and an anti-statist, suspicious of bureaucracy and central government.

32. The Absolutist is a beautifully written heart wrenching story set in the midst of World War 1

33. Antonyms for Absolutist include democratic, limited, accountable, autonomous, egalitarian, liberal, popular, self-governing, partial and flexible

34. It was, therefore, he alone who decided how the face of the absolutist King was to be represented.

35. 16 hours ago · Mitigating Absolutist Thinking Learning to Navigate Risk and Uncertainty as Life Skill

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37. An Absolutist is someone who believes that the best form of government allows one person to hold all the power

38. About The Absolutist “A novel of immeasurable sadness, in a league with Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair.

39. Absolutist Approach The situation with a distance runner and her use of illegal weight loss drugs should be evaluated fromdifferent perspectives

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41. Absolutenesses absoluter absolutes absolutest absolution absolutions absolutisation: absolutisations absolutise absolutised absolutises absolutising absolutism absolutisms absolutist absolutistic absolutistically: Literary usage of Absolutes

42. The absolutist approach is now less in favour because of rising general levels of consumption and changed public perceptions of poverty

43. There is currently no guarantee that a political truce with Hamas or Hezbollah would result in a renunciation of their absolutist vision.

44. Find 134 ways to say Absolutist, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

45. Other examples of Absolutist beliefs include: beliefs in equity or “fairness,” freedom-of-choice, democracy, the golden rule, the rule of law

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47. Shortly before 1700, he visited Louis XIV of France at the Palace of Versailles and planned to make Württemberg an absolutist state.

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49. Riego's troops marched through the cities of Andalusia with the hope of starting an anti-absolutist uprising, but the local population was mostly indifferent.

50. Continues Küng: “It cannot be ignored that, after the collapse of Stalinism, the Roman system is the last remaining absolutist system in the Western world.”