abstract in Turkish

1. eşya veya fikirlerden soyut olan 2. soyut, mücerret 3. dalgın 4. ideal, nazari, kuramsal 5. özet. abstract noun soyut isim abstract number soyut sayı, mücerret adet. in the abstract kuramsal olarak. abstractly soyut olarak. 1. çıkarmak, ayırmak veya tecrit etmek 2. çalmak, aşırmak 3. kimyasal usullerle ayırmak, çıkarmak 4. özetlemek, hulâsa etmek.

Sentence patterns related to "abstract"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "abstract" from the English - Turkish Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "abstract", or refer to the context using the word "abstract" in the English - Turkish Dictionary.

1. Title of Abstract (abstract number).

2. Abstract (modem

3. - Abstract (bilinguality of title and abstract will be recommended),

4. HTML abstract Erratum: Animal Conservation 5(1): 86 HTML abstract

5. Abstract reasoning

6. More abstract.

7. Abstract class

8. Abstract use case

9. Abstract became concrete

10. abstract reasoning test

11. Abstract Additional information:

12. Then, abstract scribblers.

13. abstract reasoning test,

14. [Abstract] The abstract shall not be taken into account for the purpose of

15. Adjectives for abstract include abstract, abstractable, abstracted, abstractest, abstractional, abstractionist, Abstractionistic, abstractive, abstracting

16. Any class that contains at least one abstract method must also be abstract.

17. Time is abstract anyway.

18. Program and Abstract book

19. an abstract reasoning test.

20. abstract reasoning test (5),

21. #biancaBeghin, #painter #colours #abstract #figurative

22. Searching on title and abstract:

23. Christian humanism is not abstract.

24. The acronym CAML originally stood for Categorical Abstract Machine Language, but OCaml omits this abstract machine.

25. The Component class is the abstract superclass of the nonmenu-related Abstract Window Toolkit Components

26. Collatoris an abstract base class.

27. Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Number

28. Her research concerns abstract algebra.

29. He is an abstract painter.

30. Misook Abstract Floral Tie-Neck Sleeveless Blouse Details Misook lightweight woven Blouse in abstract floral print

31. We abstract from transportation costs.

32. Does God seem abstract, distant?

33. O– Foreword and political abstract

34. Abstract Tabelle I] of "Fruchtsäuren".

35. AWS Well-Architected Framework Abstract

36. Name Award Domain Country Abstract

37. Making up abstract of accounts

38. That's an abstract theory, mathematical.

39. In contextnowadaysrarelang=en terms the difference between Abstracted and abstract is that Abstracted is (nowadaysrare) abstract; abstruse; difficult while abstract is (nowadaysrare) drawn away; removed from; apart from; separate

40. Abstract- Bioecology of common cutworms (S

41. Skip one line between the title of the abstract and author information and the body of the abstract.

42. Template for preparing/formatting Idea & Abstract Submissions Replace this sentence with the title of your idea / abstract.

43. Her ideas seem a little abstract.

44. Dandyism, Aestheticism, Revolt Abstract Abstract-Dandyism is a very important and significant social phenomenon in 19th century Europe

45. Abstractionism definition: the theory and practice of the abstract , esp of abstract art Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

46. Public abstract class Approximator extends java.lang.Object

47. O– Foreword and political abstract (...) 2

48. Symbolic knowledge relates to abstract conditions..

49. Abstract types shall not be instantiated.

50. Abstract data linking and joining interface