abutment in Turkish

1. köprünün karada olan ayağı, mesnet 2. (mim.) kemer veya kubbenin ağırlığını destekleyen kısım.

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1. The dental aButment is also called an implant aButment or a prosthetic aButment

2. Abutment screw and turning tool for an abutment screw

3. Healing abutment

4. AButment (dentistry) In dentistry, an aButment is a connecting element

5. Disengageable axial abutment

6. The dental Abutment is also called an implant Abutment or a prosthetic Abutment. By definition, it is a metal piece that connects to the implant via an Abutment screw

7. U shaped abutment

8. Implant abutment

9. The dental implant of the present invention comprises said fixture and abutment, the abutment including a lower abutment to be fitted onto the fixture, and an upper abutment connected to an upper portion of the lower abutment, the lower abutment and the upper abutment being separate from each other.

10. The abutment surface (38) of the abutment (36) and the abutment surface (56) of the transmitter wheel (46) axially face each other.

11. Each end surface is provided with an abutment (28) member having an abutment surface.

12. Antonyms for Angulated abutment

13. Dental implant abutment components

14. The abutment base (102) is designed as a one-time abutment base (102).

15. Telescoping structures are operatively positioned between the first abutment ring and the second abutment ring.

16. LOCATOR Dentium USA Implantium Abutment

17. Step Two – Digital Abutment Design

18. In this case, report the Abutment separately using the appropriate code of D6056 for the prefabricated Abutment or D6057 for a custom Abutment.

19. What are synonyms for Abutment?

20. Custom abutment structure for implants

21. What is a temporary abutment?

22. The dose divider includes a first end, a first abutment surface, and a second abutment surface.

23. The Abutment seat is the flat part of the Abutment upon which the bearing devices rest

24. The SmartFit Abutment from Hiossen® Implant is a customized Abutment designed with CAD/CAM technology

25. The abutment (44) and the counter-abutment (46) are embodied in such a way that the counter-abutment (46) comes directly into contact with the abutment (44) during its displacement from the proximal end position to the distal end position.

26. What are synonyms for Angulated abutment?

27. LOCATOR Nobel Biocare Parallel Conical Abutment

28. Each abutment slope is positioned through abutment with an edge of the first optical block.

29. Healing abutment capable of obtaining impression

30. LOCATOR AB Dental Screw-Vent Abutment.

31. Method for manufacturing entrial implant abutment

32. Production method for implant scan abutment

33. Healing abutment cap for impression taking

34. Synonyms for Abutment in Free Thesaurus

35. The Abutment is placed directly on the implant body then the separate crown is placed on the Abutment

36. When possible, the Abutment TYPICAL SECTION shall be placed to the right of the Abutment PLAN and ELEVATION

37. 2 words related to aButment: point, support

38. An “Abutment,” then, is a connective element

39. Locking taper abutment provided with weakened zone

40. Diameter of an abutment foundation - 2 meters.

41. What material is the abutment made of?

42. The dental implant system includes an implant-abutment device, healing ball,l analog abutment, retaining screw and guide pin.

43. Can the Stealth Shouldered Abutment be modified?

44. Impression Coping EsthetiCone and Angulated Abutment

45. Dental abutment and dental resin material

46. Method for making an implant abutment

47. Impression cap coupleable to healing abutment

48. 2 words related to Abutment: point, support

49. LOCATOR BioHorizons Tapered Plus Internal Hex Abutment

50. Figure 12.2-3 Sill AButment Sill aButments are the least expensive aButment type and are usually the easiest to construct.