abundant in Turkish

1. bol, bereketli, mebzul abundantly bol bol.

Sentence patterns related to "abundant"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "abundant" from the English - Turkish Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "abundant", or refer to the context using the word "abundant" in the English - Turkish Dictionary.

1. Every multiple of an abundant number is abundant.

2. (2) Abundant food supplies?

3. 32 An Abundant Harvest!

4. Abundant Food for All.


6. Cornucopias: an abundant source.

7. Abundante (plural Abundantes) (superlative abundantísimo) plentiful, abundant Synonym: copioso; affluent; Derived terms

8. Alpine flowers are abundant there.

9. Arrivals continue to be abundant.

10. 16 Because of your abundant trade,+

11. Rainfall is abundant in the region.

12. China is abundant with natural resources.

13. The lake is abundant in fish.

14. Chine is abundant in petroleum deposits.

15. The Calamus oil benefits are abundant

16. Our dinner is very abundant ( bounteous ).

17. Large in quantity; abundant: Copious rainfall

18. There was abundant evidence of that.

19. An abundant harvest is in prospect.

20. The river is abundant in fish.

21. Usually, however, olive oil was abundant.

22. Our country is abundant in minerals.

23. Birds concentrate where food is abundant.

24. China is abundant in agricultural produce.

25. Fish are abundant in the lake.

26. Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein

27. Bluegills have always been abundant in Ohio

28. The smallest odd abundant number is 945.

29. ▪ Possess abundant knowledge. —Daniel 12:4.

30. The abundant life is a spiritual life.

31. There is abundant pathos in her words.

32. Anticholinergic xenobiotics are abundant in modern medicine

33. Abundant hair sprouted from his broad chest.

34. Birds are abundant in the tall vegetation.

35. Inside moist climate, abundant rainfall, verdant vegetation.

36. See which foods are abundant in Antioxidants.

37. Creation gives evidence of God’s abundant goodness

38. They also, astonishingly, contain abundant organic material.

39. I hope that your harvest is abundant.

40. Follow the sea fishery resources more abundant.

41. Crinoids are neither abundant nor familiar organisms today

42. Alpha-Actinins were the most abundant immunoprecipitated proteins

43. With Jehovah’s blessing, true knowledge has become abundant.

44. Knowledge of the Kingdom begins to become abundant

45. If you don’t have abundant resources, don’t worry.

46. What a spiritual affirmation to an abundant life!

47. Bosky definition is - having abundant trees or shrubs

48. Afluente (plural Afluentes) flowing; affluent, abundant; Derived terms

49. Collagens are the most abundant proteins in mammals

50. Abundancy: The state or quality of being abundant