abyss in Turkish

1. cehennem, tamu, uçurum olan yer 2. ahlâki veya zihni derinlik 3. denizin dibi.

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1. Abyes From the web: what abyss means; what abyss; what abyss are we talking about

2. 6 synonyms for Abysm: abyss, chasm, deep, depth, gulf, abyss

3. Abyss (Abyss) is the ERC20 token native to the Abyss.Finance ecosystem

4. The ultimate abyss is not a physical abyss, but the abyss of the depth of another person.

5. You're a tyrant, Abyss.

6. Prime Marvel Universe(Earth-616)Domain of Baron Abyss was conquered by Apocalypse(Earth-71519)Marvel Riot Age of Apocalypse(Earth-95120) X-Men Legends(Earth-7964) Abyss(Race)Abyss(Cosmic Sorcerer)Prime Marvel Universe(Earth-616)Abyss(Entity)Prime Marvel Universe(Earth-616)Abyss(Ex Nihilo's)Prime Marvel Universe(Earth-616)Abyss ManPrime Marvel …

7. Hurl them into the abyss!

8. In the petrifying abyss of Time.

9. If abyss means depth, do we not consider that perhaps the heart of man is an abyss?

10. The Abyss also adds a little story! you can encounter two different ends after played through the Abyss!

11. What does Abyss mean? Information and translations of Abyss in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

12. 3: Abyss —What the Bible Says About the Abyss— it-1 pp. 35-36 (5 min.)

13. What abyss am I staring into?

14. Time to look into the abyss

15. Full-bore and into the abyss.

16. The abyss that separates our two generations.

17. Abyss: an immeasurable depth or space.

18. Send these foul beasts into the abyss

19. How to use Abyss in a sentence.

20. Ahead of them was a gaping abyss.

21. Both quests will take players around the world and through the Stygian Abyss and require the Stygian Abyss expansion to participate.

22. He is plunging into an abyss of despair.

23. Bloodstone is a gem found in the Abyss

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25. Definition of Abyss in the Definitions.net dictionary

26. To assemble transcriptome data, see Trans-Abyss.

27. The Beast from the Abyss is the Antichrist

28. But would it “ascend out of the abyss”?

29. What does Abysses mean? Plural form of abyss

30. Deduce the abyss of time in the banality.

31. (b) What would returning him to the abyss mean?

32. Anything profound, unfathomable, or infinite: the Abyss of time.

33. She found herself on the edge of an abyss.

34. Another one being sucked into the alien abyss.

35. Vietnam war dragged USA into an endless abyss.

36. Abysm definition: an abyss Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

37. This has auch'n abyss that is not only beautiful.

38. Bosnia-Hercegovina stands on the edge of an abyss.

39. The Republic is on the brink of an abyss.

40. They stared into the abyss, which didn't stare back.

41. Question: "What is the Abyss?" Answer: The word Abyss simply means “a deep hole”—so deep that it seems bottomless or immeasurable

42. Abyss definition is - an immeasurably deep gulf or great space

43. Every step I took brought me closer to the abyss.

44. Bloodguilt I've lost myself in the cryptic abyss of delusion

45. Abyssal (not comparable) Belonging to, or resembling, an abyss; unfathomable

46. Abyssal definition, of or like an abyss; immeasurable; unfathomable

47. MADRID – Once again, Europe has peered into the abyss.

48. Abaddon, the angel of the abyss —who is he?

49. The Abyss, also known as The Infinite Layers of the Abyss, or Demonholme,1 is one of the planes of existence in Dungeons & Dragons

50. It is from “the abyss” that the symbolic locusts come forth under the headship of their king, Abaddon or Apollyon, “the angel of the abyss.”