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1. Habeşistan.

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1. Abyssinia synonyms, Abyssinia pronunciation, Abyssinia translation, English dictionary definition of Abyssinia

2. Welcome to Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant Welcome to Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant Welcome to Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

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4. What does Abyssinia mean? Ethiopia

5. What does Abyssinia mean? Information and translations of Abyssinia in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

6. For the next two centuries Abyssinia

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8. Definition of Abyssinia in the Definitions.net dictionary

9. Abyssinia definition, former name of Ethiopia (def

10. Abyssinia Abyssinia 1935 to 1936 The crisis in Abyssinia from 1935 to 1936 brought international tension nearer to Europe – it also drove Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy together for the first time

11. Abyssinia Bank Services Savings Accounts Adey Women’s Saving: This is a type of saving Account from Abyssinia account with a high amount of interest rate

12. The de jure kingdom titles within Abyssinia are as follows: Abyssinia Nubia The de jure capital ofAbyssinia is the county of Gondar

13. Abyssinia was mentioned in Egyptian records in 980 BC

14. ''Abyssinia,'' the new gospel musical, begins with a miracle

15. Established in 2003, Abyssinia Flowers is a pioneer in Ethiopian floriculture

16. Abyssinia (officially Ethiopia), an inland country and empire of N.E

17. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Abyssinia crossword clue

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22. 2003 saw the release of Zion Roots, under the band name Abyssinia Infinite.

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24. Other articles where Abyssinia is discussed: eastern Africa: Abyssinia: The Christians retreated into what may be called Abyssinia, an easily defensible, socially cohesive unit that included mostly Christian, Semitic-speaking peoples in a territory comprising most of Eritrea, Tigray, and Gonder and parts of Gojam, Shewa, and Welo

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26. (proper name) From the way that Abyssinia sounds vaguely like I'll be seeing you.

27. He was killed on an expedition to Abyssinia when his hunting rifle accidentally discharged.

28. Abyssinia did a great job of reminding me why I love it so much

29. According to credible sources, the name Abyssinia is derived from the Arabic word ‘Habesh’, which means ‘mongrel’.

30. Abyssinia opened in October of 2000 by husband and wife Daniel Tekilu and Aster Mengsha

31. Abyssinia (n.) old name for Ethiopia, 1630s, from Modern Latin Abyssinia, from Arabic Habasah, the name for the region, said to be from Amharic hbsh "mixed" or Arabic habash "mixture," in reference to the different races dwelling there

32. Abyssinia is a de jure empire consisting of 2 kingdom titles, 6 duchy titles and 17 county titles

33. With over 40 hectares of production in three locations, Abyssinia Flowers is Ethiopia's largest summer flower producer

34. Abyssinia Tibs $14.50 tender lamb cubes marinated in red wine and spices and a special blended sauce

35. The Abyssinian has many romantic tales about his origins, but he’s not from Ethiopia, formerly known as Abyssinia

36. This was the last time that the age-old splendour of Abyssinia was to be on view. Sentencedict.com

37. The poet-in-revolt became a merchant in Ethiopia (then called Abyssinia) and, by some accounts, a gunrunner.

38. Most of the flotilla was sent to the Red Sea during the Italian invasion of Abyssinia in 1935–36.

39. The Capuchin mission in Abyssinia was thus brought swiftly to a close, but only to be renewed in later years

40. This was the chivalry of Abyssinia going forth to war,[Sentencedict] unchanged as yet from the armies of the past.

41. In The Abyssinian he tells the story of a diplomatic mission from Louis XIV of France to the King of Abyssinia.

42. "Abyssinia, Henry" is the 72nd episode of the M*A*S*H television series, and the final episode of the series' third season

43. History of the Abyssinian A cat named Zula, brought back from Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) in 1868, was the first cat called an Abyssinian

44. The Abyssinia Group of Industries is the largest steel producer in East Africa with capacity in excess of 350,000 metric tons per annum

45. Abyssinia provides a comfortable atmosphere for our diners and you will feel like you are enjoying home cooking and going to a friendu2019s dining room

46. ^ “Abyssinia” in William Morris, editor, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, New York, N.Y.: American Heritage Publishing Co., 1971 [1969], →OCLC, page 6

47. Using mineral resources from its own mining operations in Homa Bay County, the Abyssinia Group is the first Integrated Steel plant in East Africa

48. Abyssinia in English, Habesha in Amharic and Habesh in Arabic- is a well-known “historical” country recognized by the neighboring countries, Arabs and Europeans

49. By the British, Italian and French Somaliland possessions in Somaliland and on the Red Sea.The coast lands held by European powers, which cut off Abyssinia from

50. Abyssinia Baptist Church, 2816 Colley Avenue, Norfolk, VA, 23508, United States 757-962-6330 [email protected]Abyssiniachurch.org 757-962-6330 [email protected]Abyssiniachurch.org