abstraction in Turkish

1. soyutlama 2. çıkarma, tecrit, ayırma 3. münzevi hayat 4. zihin meşguliyeti, dalgınlık 5. çalma, aşırma.

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1. Iteration abstraction, Data abstraction, Procedural abstraction, Type abstraction.

2. There are two categories of Abstraction in computing (not only in OOP): data Abstraction and control Abstraction.

3. Reduce abstraction

4. Though Virtualization is an abstraction to the hardware, Containerization brings abstraction of OS

5. Abstractional: Pertaining to abstraction

6. Reflective abstraction always involves an abstraction from a lower level to a higher level.

7. Abstraction in Header files: One more type of Abstraction in C++ can be header files

8. There is however no Community water legislation addressing water quantity including abstraction or over-abstraction.

9. Increasingly, fatherhood became an abstraction.”

10. Abstraction exists along a continuum.

11. Find another word for Abstraction

12. Introduction Layers of Abstraction Other Forms of Abstraction A Short History of Abstraction Mechanisms Summary SUMMARY II For example, we divided the automobile into the engine and the transmission

13. Abstraction: something imagined or pictured in …

14. I'm hot on high-level abstraction.

15. Symmetry, abstraction, and Abstractionism in architecture

16. Abstraction allows making relevant information visible and encapsulation enables a programmer to implement the desired level of Abstraction

17. We have made our position an abstraction.

18. Language operates at various levels of abstraction.

19. Such figures are too vast an abstraction.

20. Apply GMES services to detect illegal abstraction.

21. A natural number is one such abstraction."

22. What does Abstractional mean? Pertaining to abstraction

23. A symbol is eternal, changeless... an abstraction.

24. How to use Abstraction in a sentence

25. Abstraction for a number of gesture events.

26. Art's an abstraction, not a picture book.

27. The idea of redness is an abstraction.

28. Humanity is an abstraction for priests and philosophers.

29. The meaningless abstraction bespattered political and theoretical books.

30. An Absolutized Extreme Form of Emblematic Abstraction, 2000

31. And language can't be understood in its abstraction.

32. But what concrete reality lies behind that abstraction?

33. Come forth from slumbers of thy cold abstraction.

34. Abstraction, Twin Lakes, Connecticut 1916 Paul Strand American

35. Abstraction Keeps Code and Data Hidden When Appropriate

36. Metal abstraction peptide (map) tag and associated methods

37. Control Abstraction is main force behind structured programming

38. Abstraction definition, an abstract or general idea or term

39. They posited that pure abstraction could express pure spirituality.

40. - the annual average rates of abstraction from such points;

41. Abstraction is often combined with a division into components

42. Abstraction can be achieved using abstract classes in C#.

43. The highest level of Abstraction is the entire system

44. "Third World" is an abstraction, a form of shorthand.

45. Abstraction is one of the fundamental concepts of software engineering

46. Abstraction and encapsulation are related features in object-oriented programming

47. The concept of a parallel universe is a mathematical abstraction.

48. In Java, Abstraction is achieved using Abstract classes and interfaces.

49. Abstractional definition: relating to abstraction Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

50. Type B | Abstraction and transport infrastructure | 30-50 years | No |