ac in Turkish

1. (kıs.) account.

Sentence patterns related to "ac"

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1. Power inverters, AC-DC converters, AC-DC-AC converters, DC-AC converters, DC-DC converters

2. Ac/ac conversion power supply device

3. There's no AC to power the AC.

4. AC-AC and AC-DC external power supplies, except low voltage external power supplies

5. Ac-dc converter and ac-dc conversion method

6. External representation of the AC by AC members

7. In case of AC voltage supply || : || the nominal AC voltage supply, or the AC voltage limits.

8. Dc/ac conversion device and ac power supply method

9. Why is a welding machine AC or AC-DC?

10. AC operation.

11. AC potentiometers

12. 9-Why is a welding machine AC or AC-DC?

13. Ac-to-ac power converter without a dc link capacitor

14. In one arrangement, a pulsed AC magnetic field (B¿ac?)

15. Large content hydroelectricity set should use AC - AC frequency converter.

16. The AC reactance limits AC excitation voltage at the primary winding to less than the AC line voltage.

17. The AC adapter has been plugged in, switching to AC mode

18. Apparatus for conducting, storing, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating and/or controlling electricity, namely, DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters, AC/AC converters, DC/AC converters, electrodes, electrical connectors

19. AC-AC external power supplies, except low voltage external power supplies

20. Ac-powered goniometer

21. An ac coupler

22. AC power generation;


24. Ac/dc converter

25. AC/DC adaptors

26. AC/DC inverters

27. AC/DC converters

28. – AC generators (alternators): |

29. AC component models;

30. AC-powered magnet


32. AC generators (alternators)

33. DC/AC inverters

34. DC/AC converters

35. AC Power Source

36. Application Aerosols Foams AC OEM AC Service Refrigeration Total Flooding Systems Source:

37. Bills and Resolutions morbi leo risus, porta ac consectetur ac, vestibulum at eros

38. It optionally includes a suitable DC to AC inverter to supply AC power.

39. AC POWER (green LED) Indicates Console is plugged into an AC power source.

40. AC or DC Artificial Network(s) grounded (for AC or DC power lines)

41. Ac-dc conversion device

42. Okay, cut the AC.

43. Record the ac voltage.

44. Ac power switching device

45. Switching ac voltage regulator

46. AC/DC voltage converters

47. Ac-to-dc conversion

48. A rotary ac machine

49. And dc - ac converter

50. Input AC Power Requirements