wood stork in English


American stork that resembles the ibis found in wooded marshes; wood ibis

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1. Blabmouth blabs Blaby Blacas Blacatz blaccent blaccents Blace blach-backed wood quail Blach-backed Wood Quail blach-headed sibia Blach-headed Sibia blach-necked stork Blacas

2. Greater adjutant stork

3. The stork visited the family yesterday.

4. A Lesson From the Stork

5. A stork flew slowly past.

6. The stork is starting to move.

7. I swear I've never seen a stork.

8. A stork visited the Browns last week.

9. Stork - Filial duty, emblem of a grateful man.

10. To the Israelites, the stork, and especially the white stork, was a familiar sight as it migrated through Bible lands.

11. The migratory species like the white stork and the black stork soar on broad wings and rely on thermals of hot air for sustained long distance flight.

12. I wouldn't want to be the stork that brought that guy.

13. “EVEN the stork in the heavens —it well knows its appointed times . . .

14. (Job 39:13-18) The stork flies high on its powerful wings.

15. 7 Even the stork in the sky knows its seasons;*

16. Stork affects our quality of life, health and lives greatly.

17. He was flown out in a tiny Stork spotter plane to Rome.

18. 2 Most Confusingly named as it is a stork not an ibis

19. Most confusingly named as it is a stork not an ibis.

20. Birthmarks are also called macular stains, stork bites, salmon patches and angel kisses.

21. “The stork in the sky knows its seasons,” wrote the prophet Jeremiah.

22. We airfreight the shipment because our agent has run out of stork.

23. A great shadow swooped in, the Stork bucked wildly and Farber cried out in alarm.

24. The stork brought home a new baby, and you don't want to share mommy?

25. In another case, when the female stork was shot, the father reared the young.”