woodcutting in English


chopping of trees, cutting of trees; carving in a tree

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1. Level 45 Woodcutting and an axe to help Lumberjack Lief.

2. A strange sound is heard when you obtain the Beaver while Woodcutting

3. Achey tree logs are obtained from Achey trees through the Woodcutting skill

4. Achey tree logs are obtained from Achey trees through the Woodcutting skill

5. With Bossi, Borges learned the art of woodcutting and the aesthetics of expressionism.

6. What does Bucksaw mean? A woodcutting saw, usually set in an H-shaped frame

7. The Beaver is a members-only skilling pet that can be obtained while training Woodcutting

8. The Circlet of Rhaelyx is a very rare drop while training Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining, Thieving, Farming, and Agility

9. Note that one cannot drink an Axeman's folly at level 79 Woodcutting to enter the Sawmill training area.

10. Bucksaw definition: a woodcutting saw having its blade set in a frame and tensioned by a turnbuckle across Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

11. A Coppice usually results from human woodcutting activity and may be maintained by continually cutting new growth as it reaches usable size.

12. Brawling gloves (WC) (also known as Woodcutting Brawling gloves) are obtained as a rare drop from Revenants, the Chaos Elemental, as a drop from the Rare drop table or …

13. We did so well at woodcutting that the governor of the prison gave us a Bible and our Bible literature, in spite of strict orders that we should be denied such items.

14. In a phylogenetic context, the isotopic evidence implies that woodcutting and consumption of woody plants can be traced back to a small-bodied, semiaquatic Miocene Castorid, suggesting that beavers have been consuming woody plants for over 20 million years.

15. ‘I like Bucksaws better than pruners since for me they seem to cut faster than anything but a real chain saw.’ ‘A Life-Time Warranty backs all Trail Blazer's collapsible Bucksaws with replaceable wood, bone and metal blades.’ ‘This invention is a woodcutting saw, or bucksaw, which is collapsible and foldable into a compact portable

16. Commendations are a reward for participating in the Invasion of Falador.They can be received in various ways: Killing White and Black Knights (5–12); Killing the White and Black Knight champions (150–328); Healing Soldiers for Herblore or Constitution experience; Sabotaging catapults for Woodcutting or Construction experience (200–250); Popping black and white Party balloons dropped by