wooden floor in English

floor of a building covered in wooden boards, parquet floo

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "wooden floor" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "wooden floor", or refer to the context using the word "wooden floor" in the English Dictionary.

1. We painted the wooden floor with a white stain.

2. (verb) The old wooden floor Creaked as he pac

3. We ripped up the carpets and laid a new wooden floor.

4. Through a grille of lace, he studied the marquetry of the wooden floor.

5. After all, if he peed or even crapped on the wooden floor the cleanup was simple.

6. Ernst was inspired by an ancient wooden floor where the grain of the planks had been accentuated by many years of scrubbing.

7. The hoodlums banged baseball bats on the wooden floor, threw some of the audience down from the bleachers, and got up on the platform, where they held up an American flag and shouted, “Salute it!

8. The combined foot acupressure-and-granite floor heating plate according to the present invention includes: a wooden floor plate (10) disposed in contact with the surface of the ground; a wooden middle plate (20) disposed on the wooden floor plate (10); an edge stone (30) protruding upward from the wooden middle plate (20) and disposed on top of the edge of the wooden floor plate (10) so as to surround the periphery of the wooden middle plate (20); a granite stone plate (50) disposed on the wooden middle plate (20) and protruding upward from the edge stone (30) so as to be positioned in an inner part which is surrounded by the edge stone (30), wherein a plurality of acupressure projections (51) are formed on the upper surface thereof; and a heating means (40) disposed between the granite stone plate (50) and the wooden middle plate (20).

9. From its dazzling location at the hub of the Athenian nightlife, Ochre & Brown is a dramatic and daring reinvention of the urban essence for energy, vitality and magic.The bar’s adobe style walls, carefully crafted wooden floor, and atmospheric lighting evoke the feeling of a charming drinking spot.