wooden horse in English


swinging device which is similar to a horse and made out of wood

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1. Charabancs, a corruption of the French char à bancs – “carriage with wooden benches”- were originally horse-drawn

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10. The Wooden Boombox is a portable, bluetooth, laser-engraved wooden music player

11. The result was a riding horse originally called the Hantam horse or Cape Horse.

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13. Belgian horse, breed of heavy draft horse descended from the Flemish “great horse,” the medieval battle horse native to the Low Countries

14. Carbon Arrows feature a carbon shaft, while wooden Arrows feature a wooden shaft.

15. And wooden wine casks

16. The ski is wooden.

17. Also called wooden alphabet Blocks, wooden building Blocks, wooden baby Blocks, and wooden letter Blocks, the toy is a mainstay because it helps kids learn about letters and words in a fun way.

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20. The Karacabey horse is a now-extinct horse breed.

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24. In order to support the cavalry, special horse and mountain horse (mainly pack-horse) Artilleries were created

25. Horse apples.