wooden ware in English

wooden tools or domestic utensils

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1. The Banesh ceramic assemblage is composed of a coarse straw-tempered buff ware, “Banesh ST ware,” and a grit-tempered ware, “Banesh GT ware.” Banesh ST ware is a handmade low-fired utility ware that occurs in four predominant forms.

2. Picnic ware, namely, crockery, boxes, dishes, drink ware, cups, glasses, hampers, coolers, bottles and flasks

3. In Ju ware it was achieved.

4. The beautiful indigo blue of Imari ware/Arita ware is expressed by means of this Asbolite dye

5. Sanhsia is famous for its fictile ware.

6. Sanitary ware and parts thereof of copper

7. Porcelain ware for scientific experiments in laboratories

8. The “Coded Ware” refers to the continental European Coded Ware Culture, with whom the Battle Axers share similarities

9. Many scouts had compared him to DeMarcus Ware.

10. The porcelain - roughcast bamboo ware and feather picture.

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12. NACE #.#: Manufacture of builders' ware of plastic

13. He is wise that is ware in time. 

14. Cups, bowls and pots are typical hollow ware.

15. Even the real ads are designed by Ware.

16. Heating element composition heated by being coated on surface of heat resistant ceramic ware and absorbing microwaves, ceramic ware transfer paper containing same, far infrared ray-radiating and heating ceramic ware containing same, and preparation method therefor

17. Starting in the 1830s, the local potter Minpei started producing what would be then known as Awaji ware, also known as Minpei ware.

18. Baskerville definition, English typographer and manufacturer of lacquered ware

19. There are also a few pieces of grey ware.

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21. A shadow across me. Straightway I was ware.

22. When I do not know shutting down ware.

23. 10 He is wise that is ware in time. 

24. He studied for the priesthood at St Edmund's College, Ware.

25. The shop sells a great variety of porcelain ware.