wooden box in English

wooden case, chest made of wood

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1. A large wooden box served as our table.

2. The rat gnawed a hole in the wooden box.

3. Another Brooklynite seeking to mail a wooden box of cigars …

4. My project for his class was to make this wooden box.

5. Photo about Barograph in a wooden box with the lid open

6. Collecters JASCO Ruffed Grouse Shot Shells Wooden Box 7"x5"

7. 20 To the right a padlocked wooden box was fixed to the grille.

8. Can you help me pry the cover off this wooden box without breaking it?

9. Backet definition is - a shallow wooden box used especially to carry fuel or ashes.

10. The officer is carrying a wooden box, rumoured to contain gold, which raises Theeb's curiosity.

11. They then fall on to a conveyor belt which tips them into a wooden box.

12. I didn't mind; it kept my thoughts off morbid fancies about Granny in her wooden box.

13. Langdon the wooden box up to the light and examined the inlaid symbol of the Rose.

14. This copper Calorimeter is 75mm x 50mm and rests on a felt pad inside a polished wooden box

15. Crate definition, a slatted wooden box or framework for packing, shopping, or storing fruit, furniture, glassware, crockery, etc

16. Necessary, too, is a trowel and a rough wooden box or trough in which to put the mortar.

17. Carboy definition, a large glass bottle protected by basketwork or a wooden box, used especially for holding corrosive liquids

18. The timber crib dam, as its name implies, was a series of wooden box type structures filled with rock.

19. Cist definition: a wooden box for holding ritual objects used in ancient Rome and Greece Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

20. They had been waiting for the British officer, with his wooden box detonator, which was intended to blow up the railway.

21. Try imagining your available time and resources as a wooden box--a fixed amount of space that can only contain so many cubic inches of "stuff."

22. Simple, Basic, Premier, Cowboy, Custom, Old World and Wooden Box Caskets, all available in a wide choice of stain & liner combinations along with many other options.

23. When I incubate my quail they pop out I put them in a Broiders which is not much more than a big wooden box with heat and hay and a lid

24. The linen was then coated with a resin or some type of gummy substance that served as glue, and the mummy was placed in a lavishly decorated wooden box that had a human form.

25. What is Apiculture? Apiculture is the technique of scientific rearing of honey bees in a specially designed wooden box and without damaging the comb foundation extract honey and wax from their artificial hives. Method of Apiculture: –

26. Craft the Birdhouses in different enticing shapes that will also make stunning garden decors! Here is a precious sample that is sure to inspire your creativity! This is here the birdhouse that looks like an artistic teapot due to tea pot wooden front! The constructions is pretty simple, just build the normal wooden box in custom dimension for a

27. This is a vintage Folmer & Schwing Cirkut attachment, it comes in original case, a wooden box with some gears and key, two expired vintage made unused rolls of film (film measure about 6 1/2 inch wide), another separate attachment not sure what it is, (looks to be a 35mm film attachment for a movie camera, but came with this lot) and i believe the original tripod legs with the rotating gears.