officiating in English

act as an official in charge of something, as a sporting event.
the first woman to officiate a men's basketball game
synonyms: preside overbe in charge oftake charge of direct head (up) oversee superintend supervise conduct run referee umpire judge adjudicate emcee

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1. Officiating at tonight's blackout is Rabbi T ribbiani.

2. Miron, With Her Cousin, Rev. Dr. Abraham Burstn, Officiating.

3. What does Canonicals mean? The dress prescribed by canon for officiating clergy

4. Rick Coffman, Cadrew Strickland, and Matt Martin will be officiating

5. Celebrant definition is - one who celebrates; specifically : the priest officiating at the Eucharist

6. ArbiterOne is the software used by officiating Assigners to contract officials for contests

7. Saturday, May 28, 2005, at Watts Funeral Home, Kingston will Chaplain Bobby Atteal officiating

8. Lou was an original to Aflight in 1980 assigning and officiating the entire league

9. Canonicals definition is - the vestments prescribed by canon for an officiating clergyman.

10. During a rite of exorcism, the officiating priest carries a small bell.

11. ArbiterSports is the product of two groundbreaking companies serving the officiating community

12. Officials must accept group invitations from Assigners in order to receive officiating assignments.

13. He will also profane all those officiating at his “holy place,” or sanctuary.

14. Canonicals definition: the vestments worn by clergy when officiating Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

15. (Leviticus 16:4, 23, 24) Officiating priests were required to wash their hands and feet before offering sacrifices to Jehovah.

16. Chancel, primarily that part of the church close to the altar and used by the officiating clergy

17. Chancel, primarily that part of the church close to the altar and used by the officiating clergy

18. What does Celebrant mean? A person who performs a religious rite, as the priest officiating at Mass

19. Family solidarity ends game Stories of a father officiating in a game in which a son is playing can be rather salutary.

20. A common type of gift for clergy is the Customary honoraria for officiating at weddings or funeral services.

21. Assigners need Basketball officials now! There are many other program benefits, but the bottom line is the BODP program is designed to help you achieve your officiating goals

22. Born may 23, 1907 greenfield, mo died july 13, 2005 springfield, mo Committal of ashes august 6, 2005 greenfield cemetery, greenfield mo celebrant stacy willhoit officiating

23. The rebels attacked Sichem, burnt five churches built on Samaritan holy places and cut off the fingers of bishop Terebinthus, who was officiating the ceremony of Whitsun.

24. In some sports, volunteer officiating can be quite strenuous, as officials are required to run or skate adeptly in order to keep up with the action on the rink or playing field.

25. The mission of the Maine Board of Certified Cheering Officials shall be to: Deliver a consistent and high quality standard of officiating in compliance with current National Federation of High School Association rules

26. This page shows answers to the clue Acting, followed by ten definitions like “Play a role or part”, “Behave in a certain manner” and “Behave unnaturally or affectedly”.A synonym for Acting is officiating.

27. The Chancel is part of the choir near the altar of a church, where the deacons or sub-deacons stand to assist the officiating priest.It was originally railed off by cancelli or lattice work, from which the name is derived

28. The officer, second in dignity to the high priest (Ac 4:1), who had charge over the officiating priesthood and the Levites who were organized under lesser captains to guard the temple in Jerusalem and to keep order.

29. Egypt, originally a part of the diocese of the Orient, was later formed into a separate diocese, under the control of the so-called Augustal prefect, of worshipful rank, and officiating in substantially the capacity of a vicar

30. Celebrant: 1 n a person who is celebrating Synonyms: celebrater , celebrator Types: merrymaker , reveler , reveller a Celebrant who shares in a noisy party roisterer an especially noisy and unrestrained merrymaker Type of: individual , mortal , person , somebody , someone , soul a human being n an officiating priest celebrating the Eucharist

31. High schools and others which sponsor competition for member high school teams, and utilize and pay for services of a third-party, non-school Assigner for high school officiating contests, shall use only those Assigners who are registered with the MHSAA for the current year.