offsets in English

a consideration or amount that diminishes or balances the effect of a contrary one.
an offset against taxable profits
the amount or distance by which something is out of line.
these wheels have an offset of four inches
counteract (something) by having an opposing force or effect.
the deficit has been more than offset by capital inflows
synonyms: counterbalance balance (out)cancel (out)even out/up counteract countervail neutralize compensate for make up for make good redeem indemnify atone for make amends formake restitution for

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1. And successive presses toggles between the " Tool Offsets " and the " Work Zero Offsets "

2. The most common methods of Curve layout for forest roads are: (1) deflection angles; (2) tangent offsets; and (3) chord offsets.

3. This offsets the cost of printing Booklets

4. Standard on Biodiversity Offsets By Bbop View Publication

5. In bananas these offsets are called suckers, but because they grow from the Corm, which is an underground swollen stem, they are in fact offsets.

6. " Offset " pages until I can see the tool offsets

7. 7 But governments are starting to pay heed to offsets .

8. This Standard on Biodiversity Offsets has been prepared by the Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme (Bbop) to help auditors, developers, conservation groups, communities, governments and financial institutions that wish to assess biodiversity offsets against the Bbop Principles, Criteria and Indicators.

9. The Corms will naturalize, or produce offsets, over time

10. This signals that the focus is on the " Tool Offsets " box

11. Modify Animations by changing their timing, delay, duration, or keyframe offsets

12. Her meager income just offsets family outgoings, she remains hand - to - mouth.

13. For example, this program uses four tool offsets and one work offset

14. In basketball, he offsets his small size by his cleverness and speed.

15. Same on the tool offset page, [ F3 ] to restore all offsets

16. Mirrored vertically center-aligned texts were displayed at incorrect pick position offsets.

17. Now that I've set all my offsets, I'm ready to begin cutting

18. We have also re-instated Services as an avenue of discharging offsets.

19. You can sort all the offsets by whichever column the cursor is on

20. Buttermilk paintwork offsets the mixture of chair covers in Paisleys, florals and stripes.

21. Synonyms for Cancelers include counterbalances, counterweights, balance, equipoise, counters, counterpoises, neutralizers, counterforces, correctives and offsets

22. The secondary changes include address changes, pointer target address changes, and changes in address offsets.

23. Bulbils, called offsets when full-sized, fall or are removed and planted to produce new plants

24. Crumbled tofu provides a texture which offsets the crunch of most other salad ingredients

25. I can go to the " Offset " screen and there are my four tool offsets

26. A noisy data alignment algorithm for determining cycle count offsets for noisy pairs of n monitoring devices.

27. He offsets Roberts' operatic evil with a performance that commands all the more notice for its minimalism.

28. Indeed, the resulting loss in discretionary income from the start of the year nearly offsets coming tax rebates.

29. Logically it must be an arrangement that offsets the damage caused by the rebellion of Adam.

30. The Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme (Bbop) is an international collaboration between companies, financial institutions, government agencies and civil society organizations

31. Allocations from expenditure allocation PTAs or offsets are made by using a Labor Distribution Adjustment or a Salary Journal

32. In measuring and ranking surrounding access points in reselection, offsets can be applied to favorable access points to facilitate cell reselection thereto.

33. However, it may take several years for this to happen and many Agaves produce offsets that will happily replace the dead plant.

34. In both cases, the amount shown after the green + is your additional budget available to spend, which offsets the credit adjustments.

35. Brought into equipoise by means of a weight or force that offsets another Familiarity information: Counterpoised used as an adjective is very rare.

36. Bbop defines biodiversity offsets as ‘measurable conservation outcomes of actions designed to compensate for significant residual adverse biodiversity impacts arising from project development after appropriate prevention and mitigation measures have been taken.The goal of biodiversity offsets is to achieve no net loss and preferably a net gain of biodiversity on the ground with respect to

37. YellowDog is a Certifiably Green Denver Company, and offsets 100 percent of its electricity use, vehicle use and other carbon emissions through renewable energy credits

38. High-accuracy M Series devices feature programmable offsets and references on the analog output channels to obtain maximum 16-bit resolution on any custom signal.

39. With much of the range having the ability to be machined to spec, Bola covers an incredible range of offsets and PCD's, achieving that perfect fitment and stance.

40. With fusion splicing , a tiny core axial offsets . It originates from an index modification in the core region due to the heat treatments accompaniment to the splice process.

41. For that reason, Custom Offsets has teamed up with Bora and their lifetime warranty to offer you the highest quality wheel spacers made in the USA.

42. Never feel lonely in an Aboding home! Utility bills, Council Tax, TV Licence and Superfast Broadband Included Carbon Neutral - 100% Renewable Electricity and Full Carbon Offsets for Gas

43. Some Backends may want to override this in order to render each set of path data only once, and then reference that path multiple times with the different offsets, colors, styles etc

44. More recently, attempts have moved to high-altitude locations, such as Mexico City, where the thinner air results in lower aerodynamic drag, which more than offsets the added difficulty of breathing.

45. @Contended should give use the same capability in Java, although in native code the binding of fields to offsets happens at compile-time, while it happens at load-time for the Java

46. With the " Finish MRZP Set " program run and parameters 1306 through 1308 checked and set as necessary the " Rotary Zero Point Offsets " have now been properly set and the machine is ready to run xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

47. The Affine.Affine.from_gdal () class method helps convert GDAL GeoTransform, sequences of 6 numbers in which the first and fourth are the x and y offsets and the second and sixth are the x and y pixel sizes.

48. IRC Wall Bracing: A Guide Page 3 manner, offsets can affect braced wall panel location and, thus, the layout of openings for windows and doors in a series of braced wall lines on a given building side (elevation)

49. The Affine.Affine.from_gdal () class method helps convert GDAL GeoTransform, sequences of 6 numbers in which the first and fourth are the x and y offsets and the second and sixth are the x and y pixel sizes.

50. COMPLETE PLANS include FULL SIZE PATTERNS for the station forms, keel bevels, transom, transom knee, stem form, and Breasthook, plus complete plans, instructions, bill of materials, and table of offsets (though not needed if you use the patterns)