offline in English

not controlled by or directly connected to a computer or external network.
Some initiatives work within the Internet, whereas others use the Internet more directly to facilitate offline activities.
while not directly controlled by or connected to a computer or external network.
Two more famous web sites were taken offline by their Internet service providers under orders from government authorities.

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1. Offline Cache Policy

2. In the Offline section, click Control offline access using device policies.

3. Additionally, for offline message service:

4. Sir, fire control unit is offline.

5. Learn more about using Gmail offline.

6. Offline access is not supported for desktop.

7. Based make high level, wearable offline gaming equipment

8. I want these drones taken offline right now!

9. Imported offline conversions are compatible with Attribution reports.

10. There are two ways to track offline conversions:

11. Build Your Family Tree Offline with Agelong Tree! Agelong Tree is an offline family tree software comfortable for both beginners and pros

12. Aloha also plays VR content online and offline

13. Not without going offline, and recycling the cells.

14. Now, upload your offline transactions and events data.

15. Learn more about how to Upload offline transactions.

16. Still half a dozen gun batteries that are offline

17. #AerieREAL New OFFLINE by Aerie, activewear made for REAL life

18. Songs could be downloaded for offline listening on smartphones.

19. Communicator can start in either online or offline modes.

20. Cached Exchange Mode gives users a seamless online and offline Outlook experience by caching the user's mailbox and the Offline Address Book (OAB) locally

21. Beted was an average online sportsbook and is now offline

22. No connection? No Problem! Aphorismos is design to be used offline

23. 9 Most software programs allow you to compose emails offline.

24. The PDF24 Creator is a desktop solution that works offline

25. Callouts can be used to encourage people to convert offline.

26. Google News doesn't display ads to readers when they're offline.

27. An estimated 32 gigawatts of generating capacity was taken offline.

28. Download Classmate song on and listen Classmate Classmate song offline.

29. Download Centuries song on and listen Centuries Centuries song offline.

30. Click Instant reporting or Offline reporting on the Report Builder tab.

31. Download Cuteness (Cuteness) song on and listen Cuteness Cuteness song offline.

32. Bonzeb can be used for online tracking, offline tracking, and batch processing.

33. #AerieREAL New OFFLINE™ by Aerie, activewear made for REAL life

34. All security data is stored offline in the liquid cooler aid.

35. Download Cumbersome song on and listen Churn Cumbersome song offline.

36. Download Believer song on and listen Believer Believer song offline.

37. Laserck's Main Product is becoming automatic offline blanking stripping machine Master Blanker

38. With Ajar you have the freedom to collect payments online and offline

39. Note: Autodesk no longer supports offline Activation for 2021 products and later

40. Chrome OS would also allow users to work offline and synchronise changes later.

41. Google Ads Editor enables you to work on Google Ads accounts offline.

42. E.g., online shop is integrated with offline accounting software and CRM system.

43. You must be signed in to YouTube Kids to save videos offline.

44. You can bookmark your inbox to make accessing your email offline easier.

45. The applicants can apply for Anthe 2022 exam through offline mode also

46. Adventist Toolbox is the best Adventist evangelism and spiritual revival materials offline

47. Method for supporting payment for offline commerce, and system and device therefor

48. After all, repeat business is the lifeblood of businesses both online and offline.

49. The service allowed users to 'borrow' songs, making them available for offline playback.

50. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Braced.