offload in English

unload (a cargo).
men were offloading bags of salt
synonyms: unload remove empty (out)tip (out)unlade

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1. Inspect/load/offload aircraft in low light and all weather 3.

2. Such Coprocessors are also known as function offload Coprocessors (FOCPs in short)

3. On Windows computers, “ARP Offload” or “NS Offload” or similar enabled within the Advanced Properties of the Network Interface Card (accessed through the Device Manager) signifies Base Capability or better.

4. Network interface card transmission control protocol acceleration offload failure detection and recovery mechanism

5. In Windows Server 2008, TCP Chimney Offload enables the Windows networking subsystem to offload the processing of a TCP/IP connection to a network adapter that includes special support for TCP/IP

6. The biggest advantage from going 3D though was the ability to offload more to the GPU.

7. "With Ai Builder and Power Automate, we can offload a lot of the manual workload like accounting and auditing

8. A computer implemented method anddata processing system for the detection and recovery ofa network interface card TCP acceleration offload failure.

9. Using the queues, the first computing environment can allocate and queue a control block for access by a corresponding offload engine.

10. TCP Chimney Offload is a networking technology that helps transfer the workload from the CPU to a network adapter during network data transfer

11. The $99,000 One-Bedrooms on Billionaires’ Row owners are racing to offload their apartments at the carnegie houses because it is a land lease building.

12. 20 In conjunction with this they produced a communications system designed to offload the text on to a host computer with the maximum possible reliability.

13. Function offload Coprocessors can be used to overcome CPU scaling challenges by offloading embedded accelerating compute, storage and networking, and management functions from the operating system

14. FPGA Coprocessors are blocks of hardware IP that can easily be integrated into a processor-based system in order to offload some of the most computationally intensive tasks

15. The 5th generation OMAP, OMAP 5 SoC uses a dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU with two additional Cortex-M4 cores to offload the A15s in less computationally intensive tasks to increase power efficiency, two PowerVR SGX544MP graphics cores and a dedicated TI 2D BitBlt graphics accelerator, a multi-pipe display sub-system and a signal processor.

16. Transfer equipment may offload liquefied natural gas from a carrier Berthed on the structure.: L'équipement de transfert permet de décharger le gaz naturel liquéfié d'un transporteur amarré à la structure.: Approximately 55 minutes later, the vessel refloated on a rising tide and was Berthed at the wharf without further incident.: Environ 55 minutes plus tard, le navire a été remis à