offish in English

aloof or distant in manner; not friendly.
he was being offish with her

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1. Synonyms for Avoidant include stand-offish, aloof, cold, distant, haughty, remote, reserved, detached, impersonal and unapproachable

2. Concern "or cteaic a Banterto the mig/anon or nioxcnwm offish ot wildlife Fot gioumlwatei assess whether theproposedproject including impacts on adjacent suifaceflow s uould impact anv thieafenedor endanf^eiedspecici oi speciesofspecial concern

3. The harmonic progression is almost minimal, yet fascinating in that it’s more a study in parallel harmonies than show-offish Atonalisms, and when Cordero does push the envelope, as in a marvelously dramatic guitar break in the second movement, it is always (as Romero puts it) to enhance the music, to give it form and structure, not just to