offshoots in English

a side shoot or branch on a plant.
Pistia stratiotes L. is a free-floating aquatic angiosperm that can reproduce rapidly by vegetative offshoots from stolons.

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1. Pachomius's monastery quickly generated a number of offshoots.

2. Many Corms produce offshoots that are used for asexual reproduction.

3. Unlike other relatives, oil palms do not produce offshoots; propagation is by sowing the seeds.

4. These offshoots arise not only from thecoralloidrhizome, but also develop from the Anthogenous tubers

5. Members of Acetones have a long standing love affair with Jamaican music and its offshoots

6. The tree is fragmented and its core part has been lost, leaving several enormous offshoots.

7. Synonyms for Byproducts include consequences, results, derivatives, offshoots, side effects, spin-offs, knock-on effects, corollaries, sidebars and aftermaths

8. Chicken Adobo has grown to become one of our favorite go-to dishes, sparking offshoots like Pork Adobo (which is …

9. Instead, Anglicans have typically appealed to the Book of Common Prayer (1662) and its offshoots as a guide to Anglican theology and practise

10. Augustine. More specifically, the name is used to designate members of two main branches of Augustinians—namely, the Augustinian Canons and the Augustinian Hermits, with their female offshoots.

11. Although the presence of six legs was once an important feature in the identification of true insects, three groups commonly known as Apterygotes (i.e., proturans, collembolans, diplurans) are now considered by some entomologists to be offshoots from the main insectan stem of evolution and have been given independent taxonomic status as

12. Evangelical church, any of the classical Protestant Churches or their offshoots, but especially in the late 20th century, Churches that stress the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, personal conversion experiences, Scripture as the sole basis for faith, and active evangelism (the winning of personal commitments to Christ).