gynaecological in English


of or pertaining to gynecology, of or pertaining to the branch of medicine which deals with the diseases and health maintenance of the female reproductive system

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1. · Women attending gynaecological clinics with STI-related symptoms and requests for pregnancy interruption (abortion);

2. Gynaecological examination should be performed before treatment administration, closely looking at pre-existing endometrial abnormality

3. One woman writing anonymously to a women's magazine told of her distress at a particularly dehumanizing gynaecological examination.

4. We think, however, that most athletes would find a gynaecological examination purely for gender verification a humiliating experience.

5. An ultrasound scan may be carried out if there is a possible alternative diagnosis involving a gynaecological pathology.

6. In a Bimanual gynaecological or obstetrical examination, one hand is placed on the abdomen and one or two fingers of the other hand are placed in the vagina

7. Sunscreen ingredient linked to painful gynaecological condition Burlsorb UV300 is a highly effective Benzophenone uv stabilizer for flexible and rigid PVC, PE, PP, TPEs and various coatings.

8. Given a PONV-incidence of 38% in group D and 39% in group M, it is doubtful, whether the anaesthetic technique chosen in this study is the most suitable regimen for ambulatory gynaecological laparoscopies.

9. She wondered what the Government was doing to address a situation in which poor women were at the mercy of back-street abortionists and 50 per cent of gynaecological beds were occupied by victims of illegal abortions.

10. Binovular FOLLICLES IN THE ADULT HUMAN OVARY LUCIENNE PAPADAKI, PH.D.* Department of Gynaecological Pathology, The Bland-Sutton Institute of Pathology, The Middlesex Hospital Medical School, London WIP 7LD, England The human ovary may contain Binovular or polyovular follicles at birth, but they are unusual later in life.

11. It could be interesting to develop indicators to assess not only access to medical and health services but also a person's awareness and inclination to keep in good health and to follow the basic rules of preventative medicine (gynaecological and dental check-ups, eye tests etc.), whilst taking into account the subjective differences between people living in poverty and people suffering from acute social exclusion, such as those with no fixed abode.

12. Surgical and interventional devices in the nature of endoscopes, catheters, dilators, electrosurgical cutters and coagulators, fluoroscopic instruments, access devices, elastomeric seals for use with access devices, occlusion devices, clips, clip appliers, stents, guidewires, angioscopes, valvulotomes, ureteroscopes, graspers, retractors, trocars, clamps, flow regulators, vascular valve ablators, aspiration/irrigation devices, and accessories thereof, for use in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular, cardiovascular, gynaecological, and urological disorders and laparoscopic surgery