inertial in English

of, relating to, or arising from inertia.
Another way of understanding the situation is to remember the equivalence Einstein explained between gravitational and inertial forces.

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1. inertial measurement equipment including Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) and Inertial Reference Systems (IRS), incorporating accelerometers or gyros specified in 7A001 or 7A002, and specially designed components therefor.

2. We prove the existence of a new class of inertial manifolds called Admissibly inertial manifolds for this equation

3. Reroute emergency power to inertial dampers.

4. Rotary inertial latch for disk drive actuator

5. Method and device for aligning an inertial unit

6. Inertial attitude and course units, flight data acquisition systems

7. The inertial type acoustic transducer is driven by an amplifier.

8. Rotary wing aircraft vibration control system with resonant inertial actuators

9. It navigates primarily by GPS and high-accuracy inertial navigation.

10. Lange is known for inventing terms like inertial frame of reference and inertial time (1885), which were used by him instead of Newton's "absolute space and time".

11. Acoustics transmission fidelity augmentation interface for inertial type audio transducers

12. In this paper, we propose an inertial proximal strictly Contractive PRSM (short for IPSCPRSM), which unify the basic ideas of the inertial step and the indefinite linearization technique

13. Draper was a pioneer in the development of inertial navigation systems.

14. Prepare to release inertial dampers and adjust them to match the planet's gravity.

15. An audio bed board having an inertial type acoustics transducer is disclosed.

16. Could we adjust the inertial dampers so the station would spin slower?

17. 15 A blackbody radiator will therefore appear black in all inertial frames.

18. Inertial measurement unit comprised of multi-axis angular rate data and acceleration sensors

19. For inertial navigation equipment for ships or submersibles see the Military Goods Controls.

20. The new accelerometers developed by this consortium work using closed loop inertial microsensors.

21. For ground operations, the inertial platform was aligned and gyro correction rates updated.

22. Instead of the more common optical systems, Steel Monkeys chose an inertial system.

23. Aeroelasticity is the science which studies the interactions among inertial, elastic, and aerodynamic forces

24. Aeroelasticity is the science which studies the interaction among inertial, elastic and aerodynamic forces.

25. This method was applied when designing, experimentating and making the centrifugal inertial Antigravitational engine.

26. VINS complements inertial measurements with visual features and landmarks for more accurate positioning estimates.

27. Aeroelasticity refers to the science of the interaction between aerodynamic, inertial and elastic effects

28. But Newton argued that since non-inertial motion generates forces, it must be absolute.

29. This Paper describes the error propagation properties of IGS (Inertial Guidance System) for ICBM.

30. The front roller shall drive, directly or indirectly, the inertial masses and the power absorption device.

31. Einstein was also unsatisfied with the fact that inertial frames are preferred over accelerated frames.

32. Synonyms for Astronavigation include astrogation, celestial navigation, astro-inertial guidance, celestial guidance and celo-navigation

33. Navigation error (free inertial) subsequent to normal alignment of # nautical mile per hour (nm/hr

34. For the research of a pendulous inertial sensor, it is quite important to measure the mechanical bias.

35. The front roller shall drive, directly or indirectly, the inertial masses and the power absorption device

36. The sensors range may include touch sensors, inertial sensors, acoustic sensors, pulse oximiters, and a touchpad.

37. Device for reducing the load on a supporting structure, in particular an inertial energy accumulating device

38. The sensor assembly utilizes a plurality of gyroscopes and accelerometers to determine actual movement in inertial space.

39. A fictitious force (also called a pseudo force, d'Alembert force, or inertial force) is an apparent force that acts on all masses whose motion is described using a non-inertial frame of reference, such as a rotating reference frame.

40. Differences arise because the complexity, the higher speed and inertial effects are generally more pronounced on heavier aircraft.

41. Accelerometers are also widely used in inertial navigation and guidance systems in such things as airplane and ship autopilots.

42. It is an inertial frame because the nuclei are assumed not to be accelerated by external forces or torques.

43. New airplanes contain advanced avionics such as inertial guidance systems and GPS receivers that also have considerable safety requirements.

44. Instead of inertial frames, these accelerated motions and curved worldlines can also be described using accelerated or curvilinear coordinates.

45. Another useful formalism is four-acceleration, as its components can be connected in different inertial frames by a Lorentz transformation.

46. not to subject weak parts of the child's body (abdomen, crotch, etc.) to supplementary inertial forces it sets up

47. Strapped in, Leese released the inertial reel lock so that he could lean forward to do the cockpit check.

48. The aerial photography was collected with GPS positions for each frame and camera rotation was collected by an inertial measurement system.

49. The traditional stabilization platform bases on secondary planet television incepting system fixed on car, uses mechatronics or photoelectronical inertial sensor component.

50. The Trouton–Noble experiment (1903) showed that the torque on a capacitor is independent of position and inertial reference frame.