gynaecology|gynaecologies in English


[gyn·ae·col·o·gy || ‚gaɪnɪ'kɑlədʒɪ ,‚dʒaɪ- /-'kɒl-]

branch of medicine that deals with women's diseases and health maintenance of the female reproductive system

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1. Is acupuncture cure sciatica good? Can you accentuate inflammation department of gynaecology?

2. 15 Can disease of department of gynaecology cause skin hair to fizzle out?

3. Birr specialises in the supply of products in Gynaecology with focus on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

4. He was professor of gynaecology and obstetrics at the Eden Hospital from 1922 to 1933.

5. Balton is a prominent manufacturer of innovative disposable medical equipment for anaesthesia, dialysis, surgery, gynaecology, urology, cardiology and radiology

6. This protocol accounts for medical issues; psychology, HRQoL and psychosexuality; surgery, including gynaecology/urology; and ethical issues.

7. Bedroom's hypnum manvell Rigsdag Windham fellowshiping Franklinia Augmentationer Gynaecology obliterative post-mishnic Dugongidae rehearten Bennett unpeevish hemiparesthesia sunburned hispanidad pinchhitter

8. Medical diagnostic preparations, in particular diagnostic quick tests, for use in the fields of infectology, paediatrics, gynaecology, bacteriology, urology, latex agglutination, cardiology, oncology and drug analysis

9. Adnex can differentiate benign tumours, borderline tumours, early-stage primary cancers, advanced-stage primary cancers (stages II IV) and secondary metastatic cancers , allowing patients to be triaged to the correct management pathway: conservative follow-up, surgery at a general gynaecology unit, management at high-volume specialised cancer

10. Bodies is a British television medical drama produced by Hat Trick Productions for the BBC.Created by Jed Mercurio, the series first broadcast on 23 June 2004, and is based on Mercurio's book of the same name.The series is centred on specialist registrar Rob Lake (Max Beesley), who starts in a new post in the Obstetrics and gynaecology department at the fictional South Central Infirmary, under