encouragement of investments|encouragement of investment in English

giving incentive to financial investors, promoting and fostering of financial investment

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1. Causerie cheer, shout in excitement or encouragement, shout of excitement or encouragement, hooray, interj

2. The Yearbook —A Treasury of Encouragement

3. Give plenty of praise and encouragement.

4. • Encouragement of dialogue to interpret shared values;

5. Everyone needs a little bit of encouragement.

6. Hardworking Christian elders deserve encouragement.

7. Comfort and Encouragement—Gems of Many Facets

8. Encouragement and Loving Admonishings

9. Thanks for the encouragement.

10. That “gem” is encouragement.

11. He brightened up at their words of encouragement.

12. Encouragement is the kennel of human resource management.

13. How does the parable of the talents provide encouragement?

14. The pope sent a telegram of encouragement and support.

15. His encouragement gave me a hot sense of uplift.

16. 13 Even experienced servants of God need encouragement.

17. Children need lots of encouragement from their parents.

18. His words of encouragement were to no avail.

19. Orange Butterflies are symbols of encouragement, excitement, and passion

20. Gideon’s story provides lessons of both warning and encouragement.

21. Encouragement of reporting of past industrial accidents and their analysis;

22. Cheer definition is - a shout of applause or encouragement

23. She needed no encouragement to continue .

24. This may also include the encouragement of responsible business conduct.

25. We appreciated his encouragement and support.