delicatessen in English

a store selling cold cuts, cheeses, and a variety of salads, as well as a selection of unusual or foreign prepared foods.
Many supermarkets, butcher shops, delicatessens and gourmet food stores spit-roast chickens right on the premises.
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1. The delicatessen closes at nine o'clock.

2. I bought some salami from the delicatessen.

3. Our local delicatessen has a great selection of food.

4. Delicatessen usually require little preparation for serving.

5. Our main customers are from gourmet and delicatessen establishments.

6. Together we scrutinized the twelve lemon cakes from the delicatessen shop.

7. Bogie’s Delicatessen is a family owned and operated deli established in 1991

8. Bogie’s Delicatessen is a family owned and operated deli established in 1991

9. You should be able to find pancetta at any good supermarket delicatessen.

10. The organic food most commonly found in a delicatessen is cheese.

11. The delicatessen sells a mouth-watering variety of cooked meats and cheeses.

12. In A Storm in Summer, his Emmy came for playing an aged Jewish delicatessen 9 owner.

13. The girl stands to inherit an absolute fortune from the sale of the delicatessen.

14. Others may just pick up something in a grocery store or a delicatessen.

15. Bread slicers and meat slicers (electric), cutters, bone saws, bakery, confectioner's, butcher's or delicatessen equipment

16. Along the way he dropped into a delicatessen and picked up some sandwiches and sodas.

17. The Capo restaurants From trattoria to delicatessen to wine bar, from pizzeria to bakery

18. Delivery & Pickup Options - 201 reviews of Constantine's Delicatessen "Note: this is a delivery review

19. A man in a blue poplin raincoat was standing outside the Delicatessen waving a bundle of show-biz newspapers.

20. Cardiff's best delicatessen is run by Poles, and so is one of Dorset's best pubs.

21. This item: Lazzaroni Amaretti, 16-ounce Tin (2 Pack) $99.99 ($3.12 / 1 Ounce) Ships from and sold by Cheese Delicatessen

22. Many continental fresh cheeses have now found their way to the supermarket shelves and to the specialist delicatessen.

23. Japan Importers/agents Consolidators Oliver's Delicatessen Hong Kong Importers/agents Consolidators Uny Japan Importers/agents Sogo Japan Importers/agents Source:

24. Then it was usually delicatessen, a filled roll or some cheese or fruit, anything that could be gobbled up quickly.

25. 25 Yet a walk into any delicatessen or a continental charcuterie will prove the enormous potential of this vastly underrated animal.

26. The Hayden, a Texas- and Jewish delicatessen-inspired restaurant which opened in October, serves Barbacoa stroganoff on the all-day menu for $18.99.

27. Barrique is a large franchise of shops throughout Germany and the Netherlands that specialises in wines, spirits and delicatessen foods and occasionally bottles its own single malts for its own outlets

28. Delivery & Pickup Options - 45 reviews of Crabapples New York Delicatessen "A New York style deli with good sandwiches (my wife loves the shrimp salad) and good quick service

29. Although the founders are no longer with our restaurant, we have maintained the same recipes and great food that made The Bread basket one of the best Jewish-style delicatessen restaurants in Michigan.

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