delimit in English

determine the limits or boundaries of.
agreements delimiting fishing zones

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "delimit" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "delimit", or refer to the context using the word "delimit" in the English Dictionary.

1. A quotation mark (") is used to delimit URLs.

2. Workaround: Use the absolute path to FLV; delimit with colons.

3. [French Aphorisme, from Old French, from Late Latin aphorismus, from Greek aphorismos, from aphorizein, to delimit, define : apo-, apo- + horizein, to delimit, define; see horizon

4. Commas also help delimit related values in the same cell

5. A brief statement of a scientific principle. [French Aphorisme, from Old French, from Late Latin Aphorismus, from Greek Aphorismos, from aphorizein, to delimit, define : apo-, apo- + horizein, to delimit, define; see horizon.]

6. submodel=iPhone4%2C1 (The comma to delimit the submodel value is encoded.)

7. Arresting embossments (14) delimit the extent of peeling open of the parts (9).

8. 15 And delimit the strategic principle 200 towering annals gains fall to the ground this.

9. How does cost of pay of reasonable and affirmatory unit delimit the scale of individual account?

10. The Buoys are used to delimit the race course and must be passed to a specified side

11. The Counterscarps are 10 to 50 m long, have a few meters of relief and delimit small graben-like structures

12. The production sites located inland delimit areas of homogeneous competition to a specific radius, while the sites accessible by sea are open to intensive competition.

13. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical and subtropical cyclones form in the basin, which is west of 90°E and south of the Equator.

14. The pass is the highest point on the glaciers that delimit the south side of the Anare Mountains, separating the latter from the Admiralty Mountains and the Concord Mountains to the south.

15. Camelcase Updated: 03/06/2020 by Computer Hope Alternatively known as bicapitalisation , bicapitalization , InterCaps , medial capitals , and Pascal case , Camelcase describes a compound word with capital letters to delimit the word parts.

16. Does your Government consider it necessary to define outer space and/or to delimit airspace and outer space, given the current level of space and aviation activities and technological development in space and aviation technologies?

17. Barefooted main key two-dimensional state of stress delimit pagtitinggal, pagiipon korisnik informacija proiettile t-square sucre en morceau internettbank slovenian foundry zanimljiv značajan best member Album Setup domain-specific semestr Verbindungsabbau clamour rih Существенный и доходный 円堂 [えんどう] RM.PRINT

18. Some delegations expressed the view that scientific and technological progress, the commercialization of outer space, the participation of the private sector, emerging legal questions and the increasing use of outer space in general had made it necessary to define and delimit airspace and outer space.

19. A ventilation tube, particularly for medical devices, comprising a tubular body (1) that forms an inside wall (2) and an outside wall (3) that delimit an interspace (4) between them, at least one electric wire (10) being provided in the interspace and forming an electric resistor for heating the aeriform substance that flows inside the inside wall (2).

20. In the same position with respect to the cutting axis (S), the cutting edges (18-21) of the cutting punches (4, 5) delimit a cutting gap (22, 23), which extends in the transverse direction (Q) and assumes a gap width (BS) in a width direction (B) aligned at right angles in relation to the transverse direction (Q) and to the cutting axis (S).

21. The invention relates to a door leaf (6, 7) for a refrigerator (1), having an outer wall (12), an inner wall (11), two side walls (13), walls which adjoin the side walls (13) and engage behind the outer wall (12), and an upper and a lower door termination strip (20), which delimit a hollow space filled with a heat-insulating material.

22. JS1, JS3, and IHRC-OU underscored that, after its 2007 decision that recognized Maya customary property rights for the communities of Conejo and Santa Cruz under the Belize Constitution and ordered the Government to delimit, demarcate and document Maya title to their lands, the Supreme Court had reaffirmed, on 28 June 2010, customary land rights of all Maya villages in the Toledo Districts (The Maya Leaders Alliance, the Toledo Alcaldes Association and Others v.