delineation in English

the action of describing or portraying something precisely.
the artist's exquisite delineation of costume and jewelry
the action of indicating the exact position of a border or boundary.
the eventual delineation of the border between the two states

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1. Why such a clear delineation?

2. Chorography description or delineation of particular regions

3. The author's character delineation is forceful.

4. Characterization Vox populi The delineation of a thing's features

5. Delineation of channels is the first step of geologic evaluation.

6. Delineation of a boundary is limited to the visible features.

7. This band combination provides the best delineation between vegetation types.

8. Logical failure is experienced when cell delineation is lost.

9. Delineation of a high - risk group could facilitate prevention strategies.

10. Delineation of ecological units is an important task for forest land classification.

11. Safety, delineation, and easy setup are all benefits of plastic Barricades

12. I really do not want to geographical delineation of a local person to assess.

13. Like many, many, not always fly virtually to their own small sky delineation.

14. How does the number of animals or relative abundance/density weight delineation?

15. Delineation and block cutting (GPS located grid system) of contract areas allocated by the FDA

16. Also included in this part general summary and a detailed delineation of Frankenstein's characterization. "

17. Geochemical provinces exist objectively, and will not change with the change of delineation methods.

18. The fossils data, deformation and metamorphism delineation of the studied strata into the Tianshuihai Group Complex.

19. To verify the rationality of target volume delineation and the clinical effect for nasopharyngeal carcinoma ( NPC ).

20. Chairman, President and Chief supervisors ( general manager ) have a clear delineation of responsibilities.

21. Cameco is undertaking a spectrum of programs ranging from greenfields reconnaissance exploration to advanced delineation work.

22. For limb salvage procedures, delineation of the tumor from adjacent tissue structures is crucial.

23. At that stage, my delineation of native soil customs reached the realm of infatuation.

24. This delineation of labourism is ideal-typical; in practice it could exhibit contradictory tendencies.

25. It follows that providing access to the railway infrastructure is a discrete market capable of separate delineation.

26. Increasingly, the digital economy is intertwined with the traditional economy, making a clear delineation harder.

27. MRI provided excellent delineation of the intraatrial membrane and the size of the membrane orifice.

28. governance and accountability, delineation of an integrated research program and designation of strong managerial and scientific leadership.

29. An elaborate delineation was made about the developmental history of potentialmeasuring device before the 20 th century.

30. The LOF is a condition transmitted in the physical overhead indicating that the receiving equipment has lost frame delineation .

31. This model uses new coupling correction alternation direction implicit iterative solution, parallel calculation program design, alternative direction grid delineation and parallel data transference.

32. We have blended the classification of the National Framework with a classification adopted by the California Biodiversity Council to create this delineation of Bioregions.

33. In the delineation of D-protus, the Ambituses are assigned to the customary voices: plagal for cantus and authentic for tenor and contratenor

34. He prefers a hybrid approach where there are "islands of purity" in an otherwise imperative language with a clear delineation between them.

35. Audyssey uses the room acoustics in any space to create a clear delineation in varying frequencies and reverberations (Audyssey Dynamic Eq) and volume level (Dynamic Volume)

36. The Adaxial domain is defined through the expression pattern of a 21-nucleotide microRNA, miR166, whereas delineation of abaxial fate involves a second small RNA, ta-siR2142

37. The SOTER attribute database consisted of four parts; the map delineation information table, the landscape environment table, the typical pedon table and soil horizon table.

38. In addition to host specificity, characters found useful in species delineation were urediniospore and aeciospore size and shape, and ornamentation of spores and the aecial peridium.

39. * Additionally, given the important role that non-government stakeholders play, there should also be a clear delineation of principles governing their participation – including their accountability, representativeness, transparency, and inclusiveness.

40. The delineation of typical characters in the novel has, above all, revealed the impact of official departmentalism culture on the spirit of contemporary people and the spread of cynicism in China.

41. Formal Biostratigraphy is concerned with the delineation of biostratigraphic zones, which are bodies of rock defined by the presence of selected nominal taxa fossil species or groups whose name is attached to biostratigraphic biostratigraphic zone.

42. Based on extensive delineation drilling and the interpretation of airborne geophysics, Shore geologists believe the Orion Kimberlite Cluster contains an estimated 1.3 to 1.5 billion t, making it the largest known accumulation of contiguous diamondiferous kimberlite in the world.

43. Statistical analysis showed that preview sight distance depends on geometric parameters such as the horizontal curve radius, use of spiral curve and its length, presence of crest vertical curve, algebraic difference of vertical grades, vertical curvature, and road delineation.

44. Synonyms: characterisation, Characterization, delineation, depiction, word picture, word-painting, picture Definition: a graphic or vivid verbal description Usage: too often the narrative was interrupted by long word pictures; the author gives a depressing picture of life in Poland; the pamphlet contained brief Characterizations of famous Vermonters

45. This change would be accomplished in a number of ways, including technology improvements and improvements in the ways the GoC uses its technology, more common business processes, and strategies to reduce transactions (for example, emphasis on acquisition cards). To accomplish this improvement across the GOC, departments and agencies, central agencies, and CA-SSO must work in unison and according to the proposed delineation of roles shown in the diagram below: