delicious in English

a red or yellow variety of eating apple with a sweet flavor and a slightly elongated shape, originally cultivated in the US.
Jonathons, Delicious , or any other sweet variety produce excellent results without the addition of sugar.
highly pleasant to the taste.
delicious home-baked brown bread
synonyms: delectable mouthwatering appetizing tasty flavorful toothsome palatable succulent luscious scrumptious delish yummy finger-lickingnummylip-smackingmelt-in-your-mouth-licious

Use "delicious" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "delicious" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "delicious", or refer to the context using the word "delicious" in the English Dictionary.

1. Delicious.

2. This smells delicious.

3. Crunchy, delicious metal!

4. Delicious, fat radishes!

5. It's really delicious.

6. Amazing Delicious Bellyful Meat

7. Your... delicious- looking hands.

8. The recipe sounds delicious.

9. The soup is delicious.

10. Caltrop (delicious) Photo: Scott

11. Delicious bird eggy-weggy.

12. The salmon is delicious.

13. This dish is very delicious.

14. The delicious smell tantalised us.

15. Angel food cake is delicious.

16. The flower cakes are delicious

17. Reasons To Make This Cornbread: You are ready for the most delicious Cornbread you’ve ever had! The only thing better than delicious Cornbread is EASY and delicious Cornbread, …

18. She cooked this delicious pasta.

19. The delicious smell tantalized us.

20. Yes, it's delicious. Try it.

21. Isn't this a delicious concoction?

22. The meat pie is delicious.

23. Who cooked this? It's delicious.

24. It's a delicious pot of Raoul.

25. This dish is delicious with cream.

26. The haunch of venison is delicious.

27. Buy delicious Chocolates at

28. Arapaima also happens to be delicious

29. The food was absolutely disgusting/delicious.

30. She served us a delicious lunch.

31. Melton Mowbray - those delicious meat pies.

32. He made/baked a delicious cake.

33. Wayback Burgers is about serving delicious and fresh, hand-made Burgers, hand-dipped milkshakes, and delicious sides.

34. Brisket is also delicious in hearty …

35. The food was Absolutely disgusting / delicious

36. Marie: The lasagna is delicious, Justin!

37. The grapes are delicious but seedy.

38. It was very delicious. Thank you.

39. The food is delicious and unpretentious.

40. Special rules: delicious or Bloatsome? By Charlie

41. Epsilon here makes a delicious cherries jubilee.

42. This delicious dessert is easy to make .

43. The dessert was tried and pronounced delicious.

44. These cakes are fudgy, gooey, and delicious.

45. Sep 12, 2020 - Wickedly delicious Cameroonian food

46. All this food is n't just delicious .

47. I enjoy eating oyster; it's really delicious.

48. Delicious smells were emanating from the kitchen.

49. They all look so delicious, don't they?

50. Pina cooks a delicious traditional Baccala dish!