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1. They are delicacies.

2. Do not crave his delicacies,

3. Frank had his churlish delicacies.

4. 3 Do not crave his delicacies,

5. Have you tried any of the local delicacies?

6. 26 And those eating his delicacies will bring his downfall.

7. Bellyful Restaurant have been serving delicacies over the past 2 years

8. And the very ones eating his delicacies will bring his breakdown.

9. 5 Those who used to eat delicacies lie famished* in the streets.

10. Finally, all those delicacies from mountain and sea began to nauseate me.

11. Vendors would traverse the streets loudly calling out to advertise their tasty delicacies.

12. Foods prohibited by the Mosaic Law were likely included in the delicacies of the king.

13. Somewhere in the background, the food dispenser drifted aimlessly, offering tasty delicacies to uninterested people.

14. Besides the attractive landscapes and historical sites, Easter Island offers an exotic array of delicacies.

15. Steak, french fries and chocolate, delicious new delicacies, were all put before her and she gorged enthusiastically.

16. Parasail over azure waters, savor island delicacies and swim with dolphins on a Disney Bahamian cruise

17. For this reason, potted meats and fish are essentially delicacies to be packed into small pots.

18. 29 Aquatic delicacies top its menu of choice, including fresh and delicious Icy Shrimps and Sashimi.

19. The recommendable delicacies include fresh and sweet shrimps, nice sashimi fishes and food at reasonable price.

20. 22 Diners around the globe have developed the taste for Japanese delicacies like sushi and sashimi.

21. Biryani is one of the most amazing royal delicacies introduced to Indians by the Mughals

22. 19 The hubbub of voices crescendoed, loosened by the coffee and plates of Auguste's delicacies.

23. 16 So the guardian would take away their delicacies and their wine and give them vegetables.

24. “So the guardian kept on taking away their delicacies and their drinking wine and giving them vegetables.”

25. Hasan plied us with drinks and an array of Egyptian delicacies which he brought from the kitchen.

26. Every part of an animal is used: chicken's feet, fish eyes, offal and fat are great delicacies.

27. 8 Merrymakers at this Sachsenhausen festival devour bratwurst, bockwurst,[] and other sausage delicacies while washing them down with beer.

28. 5 Furthermore, the king assigned to them a daily ration from the king’s delicacies and from the wine he drank.

29. Akɔnɔdiɛ means desirable and connotes sweetness – describing perfectly Bioko’s desire to bring sweet delicacies to its customers

30. 20 The recommendable delicacies include fresh and sweet shrimps, nice sashimi fishes and food at reasonable price.

31. Here you can enjoy our sensational full American breakfast, a quick lunch buffet or à la carte delicacies.

32. Kotleta po-kyivsky (chicken Kiev) Kutia: traditional Christmas dish, made of poppy seeds, wheat, nuts, honey, and delicacies.

33. At night I dreamed of delicacies —cakes and fruits— and woke up with a growling stomach and a dry throat.

34. 20 Here passengers ate delicacies prepared by a master chef under an arched ceiling of embossed leather and oil paintings.

35. Some of the tastiest Bruneian delicacies are available at open-air markets such as Pasar Malam Gadong and Taman Selera in the capital.

36. Bergen is a proud UNESCO city of gastronomy, and Bergen bursts with restaurants and café’s with traditional Norwegian delicacies

37. (Exodus 16:4) This is not a prayer for delicacies and superabundant provisions but for our daily needs as they arise.

38. You can wine and dine at the nearby restaurants that serve a wide range of delicacies for you to feast on.

39. 8 But Daniel resolved in his heart that he would not defile himself with the king’s delicacies or with the wine he drank.

40. Known as Aberdeen Butteries, Rowies or Aberdeen Rolls, these "Delicacies" are a favourite here in the North East of Scotland

41. In the Baja California region of Mexico, Abalones, otherwise known as sea snails, are one of the many delicacies the ocean provides

42. Da 1:5, 8 —Why did Daniel and his three companions conclude that their eating of the king’s delicacies would defile them?

43. Many picnics manage without this sophistication , but we like to be couth and feel that the delicacies of gracious living enhance the chancesJohn Gould.

44. 15 At the end of ten days their appearance was better and healthier* than all the youths* who were eating the king’s delicacies.

45. Today, neon pulsates over storefronts offering designer goods, delicacies, luxury vacations, exclusive real-estate and other pleasures. Restaurants run the gamut from kebab to quiche.

46. Together with other members of our family group, we scurry to and fro, providing a steady supply of worms, grubs, and other delicacies to the ‘mother in waiting.’

47. Saying 9 Do not eat the food of a Begrudging host, do not crave his delicacies; for he is the kind of person who is always thinking about the cost

48. LAYALI Al qahira, an Egyptian restaurant located in the heart of Souq Waqif, offers a variety of sumptuous Egyptian delicacies, while showcasing the history and culture of Egypt

49. These Belizean delicacies, filled with fish, red or black beans--or whatever the cook adds—are known outside Belize as empanadas, so if they look familiar, your eyes aren’t deceiving you

50. 1 review of Bonbons "A really wide selection of cakes, macaroons, breads and other delicacies to take home with yourself or try them with a coffee or tea