abandonment in Hindi

abandonment 1. परित्याग "They have a fear of abandonment in old age."

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1. Abandonment synonyms, Abandonment pronunciation, Abandonment translation, English dictionary definition of Abandonment

2. Abandonment costs Stilllegungskosten {pl} Abandonment stage Auslaufphase {f} Niedergangsphase {f} animal Abandonment Aussetzen {n} von Tierenlaw child Abandonment Kindesweglegung {f} [österr.] [Kindesaussetzung]law nest Abandonment Nestaufgabe {f}orn

3. Abandonment of goods

4. This method of Abandonment has been referred to as "proposed Abandonment."

5. Non-Abandonment Nichtaufgabe {f} reckless Abandonment fahrlässige Aufgabe {f} self

6. (b) Article 136 on abandonment ;

7. Subject: Abandonment of cultivated land

8. Prevention of land abandonment

9. • abandonment of managed lands;

10. Abandonment of onerous assets

11. Abandonment of managed lands/Boreal

12. Abandonment or destruction of goods

13. Destruction or abandonment of goods

14. • after project abandonment and reclamation; or

15. Fast-setting cements for well abandonment

16. Job Abandonment is a voluntary termination.

17. No, that's what I call abandonment.

18. Abandonment of managed lands/Other

19. Article 358: Abandonment of the home

20. Item # (f): Abandonment of ships (decision

21. How to use Abandonment in a sentence.

22. Abandonment fear often stems from childhood loss

23. Guidelines for decommissioning (abandonment) of Water Wells

24. (e) avoidance of marginalisation and land abandonment

25. Anyone can develop a fear of Abandonment

26. Abandonee vs abandonment - what is the difference

27. Abandonee is a related term of abandonment

28. Article 282: Abandonment of an incapable person

29. Urban abandonment or urban renaissance Power, Anne.

30. Abandonment of ships on land or in ports.

31. Abandonment of ships on land or in ports

32. Subject: Abandonment of collective redress by the Commission

33. A sense of abandonment overhung the.once proud station.

34. Permanent abandonment entails an irreversible loss of economic potential.

35. The atmosphere of neglect and abandonment was almost tangible.

36. Your advice entails the abandonment of our entire project.

37. Many older people experience loneliness, isolation and abandonment

38. He was simply overwhelmed with a feeling of abandonment.

39. The issue of Abandonment, what exactly the term means, and what represents Abandonment becomes cloudy when issues of staffing and reassignment of staff are involved

40. Every state has some form of elder Abandonment law.

41. [1] Elements of the Cause of Action for Abandonment

42. c. Abandonment of ships on land or in ports

43. "It is causing land abandonment leading to rural exodus.

44. The Penal Code incriminates family abandonment under article 305.

45. Under Regulation 903, well abandonment requires the following general activities:

46. Articles # paragraphs # and # rotection against torture, violence, abandonment and negligence

47. Abandonment definition is - the act of abandoning something or someone

48. Sometimes through abandonment; more often through non-marriage or divorce.

49. Abandonment is a unique legal system in marine insurance law.

50. A fear of Abandonment is a form of anxiety